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Old Nick's Top-30 For 2018

These are the 30 albums I listened to the most in 2018. I haven't paid much attention to the albums' order. It's been a pretty good year for metal, just like every year; if you are willing to search, you will find. I'd love to hear how good or bad you think this list is.

Best EP: Cleõphüzz - Wizard Of Phüzz

1. Et Moriemur - Epigrammata
2. Judas Priest - Firepower
3. Varathron - Patriarchs Of Evil
4. Dee Snider - For The Love Of Metal
5. Clouds - Dor

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Created by nikarg on 08.01.2019

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Old Nick's Top-20 For 2017

This is my Top-20 list of the albums I listened to obsessively this year. Apart from #1 the rest are in no particular order. Feel free to comment.

Other albums that I enjoyed a lot, but didn't make the list: Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper, Satyricon - Deep Calleth Upon Deep, The Ominous Circle - Appalling Ascension, Vallenfyre - Fear Those Who Fear Him, Loss (USA) - Horizonless, Iced Earth - Incorruptible, Havok - Conformicide, Full Of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy, River Of Souls - The Well Of Urd, Aetherian - The Untamed Wilderness, Below - Upon A Pale Horse, Midnight - Sweet Death And Ecstasy, Immolation - Atonement, Yellow Eyes - Immersion Trench Reverie, Sorcerer - The Crowning Of The Fire King, Converge - The Dusk In Us, Ophis - The Dismal Circle, Inconcessus Lux Lucis - The Crowning Quietus, Temple Of Void - Lords Of Death, Persefone - Aathma, Necrot - Blood Offerings.

1. Wormwood - Ghostlands - Wounds From A Bleeding Earth
2. Venenum - Trance Of Death
3. Sun Of The Sleepless - To The Elements
4. Paradise Lost - Medusa
5. Kreator - Gods Of Violence

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Created by nikarg on 22.12.2017