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Lizzy Borden Albums Ranked

All albums by the great Lizzy Borden ranked

1. Lizzy Borden - Love You To Pieces
2. Lizzy Borden - Menace To Society
3. Lizzy Borden - Appointment With Death
4. Lizzy Borden - Deal With The Devil
5. Lizzy Borden - Master Of Disguise

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Created by majormalfunction on 22.02.2021

Circle II Circle Albums Ranked

Every Circle II Circle albums ranked from best to worst with some chosen top pick songs. Simple.

1. Circle II Circle - Burden Of Truth
2. Circle II Circle - Reign Of Darkness
3. Circle II Circle - Watching In Silence
4. Circle II Circle - The Middle Of Nowhere
5. Circle II Circle - Delusions Of Grandeur

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Created by majormalfunction on 11.02.2021

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Running Wild Albums Ranked From Best To Worst

Violets are blue, roses are red. We're coming aboard. Prepare to eat lead

1. Running Wild - Black Hand Inn
2. Running Wild - Death Or Glory
3. Running Wild - Port Royal
4. Running Wild - Blazon Stone
5. Running Wild - The Rivalry

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Created by majormalfunction on 03.02.2021

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Nightingale Albums Ranked

Dan Swanö is probably more famous for his death metal adventures, still for me his greatest band is Nightingale. A very solid project that has made some stellar music throughout it's career. Here's the albums ranked with some top picks

1. Nightingale - The Closing Chronicles - The Breathing Shadow Part II
2. Nightingale - The Breathing Shadow
3. Nightingale - White Darkness
4. Nightingale - I
5. Nightingale - Alive Again: The Breathing Shadow Part IV

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Created by majormalfunction on 19.01.2021

Saga Albums Ranked From Best To Worst

So finally I got through all their records in a way where I could place them in order. One of my favourite bands with so many classic songs and albums so it was quite difficult to rank them but as for now this is how I look on their discography.

I'll added the phenomenal solo album by Michael Sadler as it feels as a Saga record in many ways.

1. Saga - Saga
2. Saga - Generation 13
3. Saga - Silent Knight
4. Saga - Worlds Apart
5. Saga - Heads or Tales

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Created by majormalfunction on 23.12.2020

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Fates Warning Albums Ranked

All Fates Warning albums ranked from best to worst, also include the three releases done by Arch and Matheos (basically Fates Warning). Phenomenal band that has held the prog metal flag high and released some of the best records in the genre.

1. Fates Warning - Awaken the Guardian
2. Arch/Matheos - Winter Ethereal
3. Fates Warning - Disconnected
4. Fates Warning - Perfect Symmetry
5. Arch/Matheos - Sympathetic Resonance

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Created by majormalfunction on 12.12.2020

Mob Rules Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

Nice german power metal band with a flawless discography. No bad albums in sight, you know what you get with these guys. Apart from the three first ones the rest falls into the good category and I don't really know how to rank them as they are quite equal in quality. I was pretty unfamiliar with the all the albums released after Among the Gods so it's was a pleasant suprise to listen to them all and finding lots of great songs.

1. Mob Rules - Temple Of Two Suns
2. Mob Rules - Savage Land
3. Mob Rules - Hollowed Be Thy Name
4. Mob Rules - Beast Reborn
5. Mob Rules - Radical Peace

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Created by majormalfunction on 15.11.2020

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Axxis Albums Ranked From Best To Worst

1. Axxis - Eyes of Darkness
2. Axxis - Time Machine
3. Axxis - Doom of Destiny
4. Axxis - Paradise in Flames
5. Axxis - Kingdom of the Night II

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Created by majormalfunction on 26.10.2020

Judas Priest Albums Ranked From Best To Worst

As You can see on the ratings I'm not the largest Priest fan even if I enjoy most of their records to some extent. There's something with their style that didn't click with me in the way other similar bands did (Iron Maiden, Saxon for example).
I would however never downplay the importence of their legacy in the history of metal. They are truly up there along with Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Deep Purple as the bands that early on shaped heavy metal.

1. Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of Destiny
2. Judas Priest - Painkiller
3. Judas Priest - Nostradamus
4. Judas Priest - Stained Class
5. Judas Priest - Sin After Sin

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Created by majormalfunction on 09.10.2020

Pyramaze Albums Ranked From Best To Worst

Will add the new one when it's released.

1. Pyramaze - Melancholy Beast
2. Pyramaze - Immortal
3. Pyramaze - Legend Of The Bone Carver
4. Pyramaze - Contingent
5. Pyramaze - Disciples Of The Sun

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Created by majormalfunction on 28.09.2020

Saxon Albums Ranked

One of the real classic heavy metal bands, that has stood strong in 40 years. Their discography is a bit uneven at times but most of the stuff is solid and worth listening to. Real fun project to listen to them all, perfect soundtrack when you are pumping iron.

Take it easy take it slow, don't go fast don't let go

1. Saxon - Lionheart
2. Saxon - Killing Ground
3. Saxon - Strong Arm Of The Law
4. Saxon - Solid Ball Of Rock
5. Saxon - The Inner Sanctum

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Created by majormalfunction on 11.08.2020

Iron Fire Albums Ranked

I'm not sure why I love Iron Fire as much as I do. None of my friends think they are that special but I just seems to think the cheesiness combined with overly catchy hooks takes me back to a simpler time. Not a single weak album so far and even if they haven't released any "masterpiece material" album they have one of the most even discography with a lot of songs I consider classics in their genre.

1. Iron Fire - To the Grave
2. Iron Fire - Revenge
3. Iron Fire - Blade of Triumph
4. Iron Fire - Voyage of the Damned
5. Iron Fire - Metalmorphosized

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Created by majormalfunction on 04.08.2020

Labyrinth Albums Ranked

One of the best power/prog acts out there. Very even discography with lots of great moments. Here's my list of their albums ranked after binging all of them for quite some time.

1. Labyrinth - Return to Heaven Denied
2. Labyrinth - Labyrinth
3. Labyrinth - Sons of Thunder
4. Labyrinth - Architecture of a God
5. Labyrinth - Freeman

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Created by majormalfunction on 22.07.2020

Halloween Albums From Best To Worst

A cult heavy metal band with some great albums, a whole lot of classic songs and sadly a short and quite uneven discography. If you like to check them out their debut is the best place to start or check out some of their bootlegs from the 80's (Ritz Detroit 1986 or Harpo's Detroit 1985) as those are probably the stuff that gives the best insight in why Halloween has gained a pretty large cult following. They really did rock pretty good back in the days!

1. Halloween - Don't Metal With Evil
2. Halloween - Victims Of The Night
3. Halloween - No One Gets Out
4. Halloween - Terrortory
5. Halloween - Horror Fire

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Created by majormalfunction on 15.06.2020

Doomsword Albums Ranked From Best To Worst.

One of the best bands in the epic heavy metal genre. Some would put them in the doom metal category and yes there's a chunk of doom in their material but I would say they are closer to just being "epic heavy metal". It's very solid discography with basically no weak songs but sadly it's waay to short.

1. Doomsword - Resound The Horn
2. Doomsword - The Eternal Battle
3. Doomsword - My Name Will Live On
4. Doomsword - Let Battle Commence
5. Doomsword - Doomsword

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Created by majormalfunction on 30.05.2020