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Get Your Grind On.

This is a list that will gather my most recent discoveries in modern grind and affiliated sub-genres and variations (such as deathgrind, cybergrind, blackened grind etc...) that are worthy of a good number of listens. Keep in mind this isn't a "the absolute classics" kind of list. I'm both kinda ignorant and not that interested when it comes to powerviolence and early grind, but a few older releases and modern classics might find their way into this list because they're favourites of mine.

1. Unborn Generation - Dead Generation Of Men
2. Retox - Beneath California
3. Theories - Regression
4. The Kill - Kill Them... All
5. Graves - Fides Ad Nauseam

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Created by Ilham on 26.03.2015

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Follow Me Through 2015.

Yep. I'm arrogant and unoriginal enough to think you'd be interested in reading about everything - the good and the bad - I have listened to that's been released in 2015.
- Will assign ratings (which are always susceptible to change), with a short justification, links, links to reviews (by me) if there are any.
- The albums to which I assigned a ★ are great new discoveries, or really original, or albums I didn't expect to be so good.

1. Twin Shadow - Eclipse
2. Viet Cong - Viet Cong
3. Death Engine - Mud
4. Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor
5. Caïna - Setter Of Unseen Snares

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Created by Ilham on 22.12.2014

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Harder. Better. Slower. Stronger.

Sludgecore. Sludgy hardcore. Or sludgy grindcore. Heavy -core shit in general. Wall of sound kinda shit.

- Ordered approximately from the heaviest to the lightest.
- Recs always welcome.

1. Love Sex Machine - Love Sex Machine
2. Fange - Poisse
3. Seven Sisters Of Sleep - Opium Morals
4. Relic Point - VIXI
5. The Psyke Project - Guillotine

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Created by Ilham on 08.12.2014

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Who Needs A Throat Anyway.

All things modern hardcore. There will be no grind or sludgcore in this list in order to avoid duplicates. You will find some grind here and some sludgecore here. If it is classic hardcore punk you seek, I advise you to try Lit.'s list.

- Since I moved those heavy ones, I'll need some time to rearrange and fill this up with all the hardcore goodness I said no to before.

1. Death Engine - Mud
2. Silent Planet - The Night God Slept
3. Idylls - Prayer For Terrene
4. Plebeian Grandstand - Lowgazers
5. Fjørt - D'accord

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Created by Ilham on 03.08.2014