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Favorite bands: American Nightmare, Alert, A Global Threat, Bane, Black My Heart, Blood For Blood, Bury Your Dead, The Carrier, Combat Death, Converge, Crusty Craig's Stinky Butt, Cut The Shit, Cut Throat, Darkbuster, Dead Friends, Death Before Dishonor, Deathwish, Deep Wound, Downhill Farts, Dropkick Murphys, D.Y.S., Eye For An Eye, Embrace Today, The F.U.'s, Forced Coitus, The Freeze, Gang Green, Give Up The Ghost, Guns Up!, Have Heart, The Hope Conspiracy, Honkeyball, In My Eyes, Jerry's Kids, The Kominas, Mental, Mind, Eraser, Negative FX, No Tolerance, No Trigger, Only Living Witness, Over And Out, The Proletariat, Rampage, Rampant Decay, Reach The Sky, Righteous Jams, Rival Mob, Sam Black Church, Siege, Slapshot, SS Decontrol, Step Forward, S.T.P., The Suicide File, Ten Yard Fight, Toxic Narcotic, Tree, The Unseen, Vanna (band), Waste Management, RISK, Gutter Heads, Illiterates, Big L, Ill Bill, Slaine, Necro, Mr Hyde, La Coka Nostra, Goretex, Sabac Red, Q Unique, Drone 1, Circle Of Tyrants, The White Shadows Of Norway, Random Luck, Vinnie Paz, AOTP, Celph Titled, Demigodz, Apathy, Louis Logic, Porn Theatre Ushers, Jedi Mind Tricks, Nabo Rawk, DMS, Abhorrence, Abominable Putridity, Aborted, Aborted Fetus, Abosranie Bogom, Absolute Defiance, Absurdity, Abysmal Torment, Agathocles, Agathocles, Agon, Agressor, Akhylon, Alienation Mental, Amagortis, Ambrossia, Amethyste, Amok, Amputated, Anal Bleeding, Anasarca, Angel Corpse, Anphisbenah, Apoplexy, Arsames, Arsebreed, Artery EruptionAsphyxiate, Atheist, Atrocious Abnormality, Atrocious Devoured, Audiorrea, Avulsed, Bane, Bane Of Existence, Beef Conspiracy, Beheaded, Biological Monstrosity, Blasphemer, Bloodsin, Bound And Gagged, Bowel Stew, Brain Drill ++RIP++, Brodequin, Broken Hope, Brutus, Butcher ABC, Byatis, Cannibal Corpse, Capharnaum, Carbonized 16 Year Old Victim, Carcariass, Carcass, Carnal Lust, Carnal RedemptionCatastrophic, Cenotaph, Centurian, Cephalic Carnage, Cicatrix, Cinerary, Circle Of Dead Children, Cliteater, Coffin Texts, Coprofago, Corpsefeas, TCorpsefucking Art, Cranial Incisored, Craniotomy, Crazy About Silence, Crimsonskull, Critic, Cropment, Crynight, Cryptophilia, Cryptopsy, Cryptdoreum, D.H.I.B.A.C., Datura, Dead For Days, Deaden, Deadly Pale, Death, Debauchery, Decapitated, Decoherence, Decrepify, Decrepit Birth, Deeds Of Flesh, Defeated Sanity, Defiled, Deformity, Degrade, Dehumanized, Decide, Dementor, Demonian, Deranged, Desecrator, Desecration, Despised Icon, Despondency, Deviant Surgeons, Devilyn, Devourment, Diabolic, Diabolic Intent, Diktat, Diluvian, Disaster, Disavowed, Disconformity, Disfigured, Disgorge, Disgust, Disinfect, Disinter, Dislocation, Dismal, Dismembered Fetus, Dissectomy, Divine Rapture, Domination Through Impurity, Down From The Wound, Dripping, Drowning, DSK, Dying Fetus, Dyscrasia, Dysentery, Embalmer, Embalming Theatre, Embryonic Depravity, Embryonic Devourment, Enmity, Epicedium, Eternal Bleeding, Eternal Ruin, Evoke, Exhumed, Exposed Guts, Exquistite Pus, Fate, Fermento, Fetal Disgorgement, Flatulation, Fleshgore, Fleshgrind, Fleshless, Fleshtized, Foetosy, Frozen Corpse Supremacy, Fuck I'm Dead, Funeral Inception, Funeratus, Gemisuadi, Gerbe Of Life, Gerbophilia, Gestos Grosseros, Glory In Decay, Glossectomy, Godless Truth, Gomory, Goratory, Gored, Goreopsy, Gorerotted, Goretrade, Gorezone, Gorgasm, Gorod, Gory Blister, Goryptic, Gronibard, Gutrot, Gutted Souls, Gutteral Bleeding, Gutteral Secrete, H.C.F., Haemorrhage, Happy Face, Hate, Hate Eternal, Heresy, Hideous Deformity, Horror Blast, Hour Of Penance, Human Excoriation, Human Mastication, Human Mincer, Hybrid Viscery, Hypnos, Ill Neglect, Immersed In Blood, Immolation, Imortal Flesh, Impaled, Imperial Sodomy, Impetigo, Impure, In-Quest, Incantation, Incarrion, Infected Malignity, Infernal Domination, Infliction, Ingrowing, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Inherit Disease, Inhuman Dissiliency, Inhuman Hatred, Inhumate, Iniquity, Insidious Decrepancy, Insision, Internal Bleeding, Internal Suffering, Inveracity, IOST, Jack Slater, Jasad, K-lomny, Kabbal, Kadath, Kaliyuga, Karmassacre, Krabathor, Krisium, Kronos, Lapidate, Larva, Lecherous Nocturne, Leng T'che, Leprossy, Leptotrichia, Leukorrhea, LGB, Liturgy, Lividity, Loathing, Lost Soul, Luen-Ta, Lust Of Decay, Lypectomy, M.F.G.C.Q.D., Machetazo, Malamor, Malebolgia, Malignancy, Malignant Tumor, Man Must Die, Mangled, Martyr, Massive Charge, Mastic Storm, Meatknife, Mastic Scum, Mental, Degeneration Unit Mental Horror, Merlin, Misery Index, Mixomatosis, Molosse, Monstrosity, Morbid Angel, Morgue, Mortal Decay, Mortal Torment, Mortician, Mozek Motors, Mumakil, Mutilated, Mutilated Agony, Nafrat, Nepalm Death, Necroblaspheme, Necrophagist, Necropsy, Nescroterio, Necrotic Chaos, Nefas, Nephasth, Neuraxis, Nile, Obituary, Obscene, Obsenity, Odious Mortem, Offending, Oprom, Organ Grinder, Organ Harvest, Origin, Ossuary Insane, Ouroboros, Pandemia, Pathogenic Dysentery, Pathos, Perverse, Perversity, Pessimist, Petrified, Phobia, Pigsty, Pillory, Pozilga, Predatoria, Prejudice, Profanity, Prophecy, Prostitute Disfigurement, Psychotogen, Psyopus, Psypheria, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Purulent, Purulent Infection, Pustulated, Putrefied, Putrefy, Putrid Pile, Putrilage, Pyaemia, Pyrexia, Quagga, Ravager, Rebaelliun, Recueil Morbide, Regurgitate, Reinfection, Reprobation, Repudiate, Resection, Rest In Gore, Retch, Ritual, Ritual Of Rebirth, Rupture Christ, Sacrification, Sanatorium, Saproffago, Saprogenic, Scorner, Screaming Afterbirth, Severe Torture, Severed Remains, Severed Savior, Shenen, Sickbag, Sikfuk, Sinister, Six Feet Under, Skall, Skinned, Soils Of Fate, Solstis, Spawn Of Possession, Stabwound, Sufferage, Suffereign, Suffocation, Supremacy, Surgical Dissection, Suture, Tears Of Decay, Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, Terrorizor, Thanatos, The Sceptic, Torment, Trauma, Trepan Dead, Typhoid, Ulceration, Ultra Vomit, Unformed, Unholy Ghost, Varcarme, Vader, Veneral Disease, Victim, Victimas, Vile, Viral Load, Virulence, Visceral Bleeding, Vital Remains, Vitality, Vomit Remnants, Vomit The Soul, Vomitory, Voracious Gangrene, Vulgar Pigeons, Vulvathrone, Waco Jesus, Warscars, Wasteform, Wombraiders, Wormed, Woundeep, Xerpentor, Yattering, Your Own Decay, Zora, Zircon, Zubrowska, Torsofuck
Personal text: I'm just a kid into porn,pills,cigarettes,pussy,and music