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Favorite bands: Opeth, Unexpect, Nevermore, To-Mera, Cynic, Arsis, Enslaved, Atheist, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Emperor, Elend, Onslaught, Biomechanical, Black Sabbath, Nervecell, Melechesh, The Reckoning, Jeff Loomis, Rage Against The Machine, Madder Mortem
Favorite album: Unexpect-In A Flesh Aquarium
Favorite song: Buddy Rich-Channel One Suite
Favorite movies: American Desi, Harold & Kumar, Training Day, Swades, Company, Kala Pani, Abtak Chappan, Eurotrip, Matrix Trilogy, American History X, Fight Club, Shawshank Redemption, Dogma, Mr. Hollands Opus, X-Men, City of God, Van Helsing, Pirates of the Carribean
Favorite books: Kama Sutra, a lot of James Patterson, Ray Bradbury, S.E. Hinton I know those aren't books but authors, but I guess that should still give you a hint

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25.12.2007 | 7 Enslaved at B.B. King

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17.06.2010 USA, New York, NY - Pestilence + Warbringer + Vital Remains
08.04.2009 USA, New York, NY - Hordes Of Chaos N. American Tour
16.09.2008 USA, New York, NY - Sigh 2008 North American Tour
30.03.2008 USA, New York, NY - Nile: North American Tour 2008
10.02.2008 USA, New York, NY - Lucifer Over America Tour
20.01.2008 USA, New York, NY - Trail Of Tears: US Tour
08.11.2007 USA, New York, NY - Enslaved: N. American Tour

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  2008 Cynic - Traced In Air
  2008 Amaseffer - Slaves For Life
  2007 Symphony X - Paradise Lost

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