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From: Australia
Working on: Reviews n stuff
Likes: Eating, drinking, sleeping...I'm a simple man with simple needs...
Hates: Not enough room in the world for that list
Musical taste: Old stuff from 80s and 90s and new stuff released by old bands from 80s and 90s
Publications: Articles (1)  Reviews (20)  
Personal text: In 1972, a crack bureaucrat was sent to prison by a government court for a form he did not complete. This man promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Tasmanian underground. Today, still wanted by the government he survives as a heavy metal luddite. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him....dont bother asking deadone coz he won't help.
Member since: 01.11.2013 | Last seen online: 11h ago


From: Morocco
Working on: Reviews.
Likes: Christian Bale, cheese and wine.
Hates: Not having Christian Bale, cheese and wine.
Musical taste: Awesome.*
Latest discovery: Tyrant Of Death - Ascendency and Combichrist - We Love You
Publications: Articles (1)  Reviews (30)  
Languages: Sarcasm.
Personal text: Pushing the hardcore/grindcore/sludgecore/mathcore/deathcore/brutal death/metalcore agenda from Casablanca, Morocco.

That's a big-ass agenda.
Member since: 04.05.2008 | Last seen online: 1m ago


From: Canada
Working on: Reviews
Likes: Dogs
Hates: Getting the wrong food at the drive thru at McDonald's and driving away
Musical taste: Some of almost everything basically
Publications: Reviews (36)  
Personal text: I live in Canada and attend university. I like writing reviews to contribute to the site, share my opinions and continually improve my writing skills. I am trying to explore new avenues in music a bit more, to experience new things and gain some insight into other people's points of view. I always try to be as friendly as I can.

I am also a very dedicated Detroit Red Wings fan, but also have favourites from and follow every other major sports league.
Member since: 01.05.2011 | Last seen online: 31m ago


In real life: Ghanem (25) from Gafsa |Tunis, Tunisia
Working on: Mainly Reviews and Articles.
Likes: Listening to Music, Programming, Hiking.
Hates: Loud-chewing people.
Musical taste: Dark/Folk Metal, Groove and Trailer Music.
Publications: Articles (5)  Reviews (37)  
Languages: Arabic, French, English and Italian.
Member since: 05.04.2005 | Last seen online: 8d ago


In real life: Paz (26) from Kujawy, Poland
Working on: news articles, some database edits
Likes: gore
Hates: satanic pop metal
Musical taste: hipster black, dissonant death, filthy sludge and extreme (as my beauty) doom
Latest discovery: Esperalem Tkane by Odraza / Into Everlasting Death by Eerie
Personal text: Not objective when it comes to his native underground acts.
Member since: 06.10.2010 | Last seen online: 1h ago


In real life: Jay (42) from Milwaukee, Wi, USA
Working on: contributor, reviewer, self-appointed MS post metal apologist
Likes: pc games, sports, a little tv now and then
Hates: irritating things
Musical taste: post, prog, old school thrash, blackgaze, shoegaze
Latest discovery: This Social Coil
Publications: Reviews (31)  
Personal text: "go big or go home"
Member since: 12.04.2009 | Last seen online: 16h ago


In real life: Max (22) from Germany
Working on: Reviews
Likes: Listening/Playing/Writing Music, Books, History, Archery, Hiking/Walking
Hates: Milk in my tea
Musical taste: Black, Death (incl Melo), some Doom and Folk... And some classical of course.
Latest discovery: Sivyj Yar - From The Dead Villages' Darkness
Publications: Reviews (41)  
Languages: German, English, learning Russian
Personal text: Student, playing on my guitars and bass and writing music both for a black metal and an ambient project. Sometimes for other stuff as well.
Member since: 01.03.2010 | Last seen online: 8m ago