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BoxCar Willy

In real life: Tanner (17) from Thunder Bay, Canada
Working on: Reviews, Publications, General dumbassery.
Likes: Rolled up jeans, Dad haircuts, Pizza, Blink 182
Hates: Alcohol, drugs, Satan, Black metal.
Musical taste: Pop punk
Latest discovery: When We Team Up - Not For Me, But For My Friends
Publications: Articles (6)  Reviews (70)  
Languages: English, un peu de francais Canadien.
Personal text: Suppy, I'm your typical teen who loves going to shows. I live for high fiving and stage diving. Ihave stretched ears, and I like to rock a backwards snapback, just like Parker Cannon of The Story So Far. They're my favourite because of Parker. I love Man Overboard and Transit too. Defend Pop Punk. I also don't mind Pierce The Veil because they're pretty pop punk. These bands created pop punk as I know it. None of the New Found Glory shit, they only have one good song. My Friends Over you, that has a cool chorus, but like what's up with the video? Whatever. I used to have depression and anxiety issues. Soupy made me not sad anymore, but sometimes I think of my Ex who cheated on me and then I'm sad again. Blink 182 are my Idols, but I also enjoy a bit of hardcore, nothing too hard tho. Defeater scares me. I don't take drugs or alcohol, music gets me high enough. I love Pizza because it's totally pop punk. If you don't like it then you're a poseur!! I love all of my bros, but they have to pop punk because it's my way of life.

Peace out bros. \/


(What Would Soupy Do)
Member since: 02.10.2009 | Last seen online: 2m ago


In real life: Ghanem (25) from Gafsa |Tunis, Tunisia
Working on: Mainly Reviews and Articles.
Likes: Listening to Music, Programming, Hiking.
Hates: Loud-chewing people.
Musical taste: Dark/Folk Metal, Groove and Trailer Music.
Publications: Articles (5)  Reviews (35)  
Languages: Arabic, French, English and Italian.
Member since: 05.04.2005 | Last seen online: 11h ago

R Lewis

In real life: Luigi (19) from Bologna, Italy
Working on: Reviews, news, random edits. Interviews? Constant annoying presence, in general.
Likes: Books, TV series, cinema, beer, beer, beer, sports (both to practice & watch), vintage clothes, tidiness, irony, Mediterranean food. Last, but not the least, Sasha Grey. Oh, I'm afraid I forgot beer
Hates: Stereotypes, my English, drugs, smoking, putting on weight again (yes, I was a fatty), both blasphemy and religious fanatism, having to shout, how people cook pasta outside of Italy
Musical taste: Most melodic metal, hard rock, punk, post-rock, everything that doesn't suck. Lately also some extreme power and atmospheric black. Also love to rest to blues, country and funk
Latest discovery: Arrow Haze
Publications: Articles (3)  Reviews (65)  Interviews (3)  
Languages: Italian, English, a bit of Spanish
Personal text: I'm just a student who likes knowing what he's listening to. I find myself sometimes a little pathetic, but everyone I meet say I'm funny, so, let'em say - positive propaganda is always welcome.

Born and living in the North-East of Italy. Proudly. But if this dear crisis doesn't end, I'm ready to emigrate in order to work. So better improve this damn English.

Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones fanboy.

Please, don't be the nth person to say me that mine is not a "metal face". I already know I'm similar to Bruno Mars. And this is quite sad.
Member since: 24.06.2011 | Last seen online: 13h ago


In real life: Bond. James Bond. (20) from USA
Working on: Reviews
Likes: Zombies, history, action movies
Hates: You, hippies, outdoors, sunshine, happiness
Musical taste: Most kinds of Metal, plus punk, traditional Irish, and some miscellaneous stuff.
Publications: Reviews (78)  
Languages: English, Latin; I would love to learn Russian
Personal text: If it has zombies, I will probably watch it, no matter how awful it promises to be.

The same rule applies to Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and giant, mutant, cyborg dinosaurs.
Member since: 14.10.2010 | Last seen online: 16h ago


In real life: Jay (41) from Milwaukee, Wi, USA
Working on: contributor, reviewer, self-appointed MS post metal apologist
Likes: typical male/guy stuff
Musical taste: open to anything in the metal arena
Latest discovery: Pet Slimmers Of The Year
Publications: Reviews (16)  
Personal text: "go big or go home"
Member since: 12.04.2009 | Last seen online: 10d ago


In real life: Max (22) from Germany
Working on: Reviews
Likes: Listening/Playing/Writing Music, Books, History, Archery, Hiking/Walking
Hates: Milk in my tea
Musical taste: Black, Death (incl Melo), some Doom and Folk... And some classical of course.
Publications: Reviews (32)  
Languages: German, English, learning Russian
Personal text: Student, playing on my guitars and bass and writing music both for a black metal and an ambient project. Sometimes for other stuff as well.
Member since: 01.03.2010 | Last seen online: 12h ago