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Ag Fox

In real life: Marshall () from Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Working on: working on some reviews. And listening to all the great music of the past that I have missed out!
Likes: Good music, yum food, quality ice cream, Real friends, long distance running, comfy bed, pretty girls :P
Hates: bad hygiene, not enough sleep, fake people
Musical taste: JS Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, Rimsky Korsakov, Claude Debussy; most metal sub genres except gore
Latest discovery: ÆGES - The Bridge
Album picks: The Water Witch - The Heavens In Traction
  Unipolar Manic-Depressive Psychosis - Psychodelicus Decibeli
  Incoming Cerebral Overdrive - Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift
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Publications: Articles (4)  Reviews (28)  
Languages: English, Chinese, Cantonese
Personal text: Still have a lot to catch up with as far as metal is concerned...

Did I mention I am a hopeless romantic?
Member since: 06.02.2009 | Last seen online: 6h ago

Dane Train

In real life: Dane Train (30) from Asheville, NC, USA
Working on: Reviews and Articles
Likes: Good company, good beer and theological discussions. And Sci-Fi!
Hates: The shallowness and lack of passion of the American populous.
Musical taste: Progressive Metal, Stoner/Doom/Sludge Metal, Funk Metal, Neo-Folk/Americana
Latest discovery: Void Of Sleep
Album picks: Three - The End Is Begun
  Demon Hunter - The World Is A Thorn
  James LaBrie - Static Impulse
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Publications: Articles (15)  Reviews (23)  
Languages: English
Personal text: My name is Dane, and I work as a Family Rehabilitation Specialist doing in-home family coaching with an element of wilderness therapy to it. When I am not working, a good deal of my time is focused on my various hobbies. I am the vocalist and Theremin player for band, and we're in the process of recording an album and trying to book shows for a regional tour. I've also begun writing my first graphic novel which is even more evidence that I love comic books. I'm the sort of guy who would much rather go to a convention or festival than an amusement park. Well I think that is enough of my ADD rambling for now.
Member since: 21.01.2004 | Last seen online: 10d ago


In real life: Daniel () from Wroclaw, Poland
Working on: Retired grumpy reviewer
Likes: Metal, books, movies, tv shows (like Dexter)
Hates: Narrow-mindedness, stupidity, ignorance. Overall, I hate people who refuse to use their brains.
Musical taste: Metal 95%, non-metal 5%.
Latest discovery: Byfrost. Too bad I'm the only one that digs them!
Album picks: Overkill - White Devil Armory
  Vader - Tibi Et Igni
  Domains - Sinister Ceremonies
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Publications: Reviews (32)  
Languages: English, Polish, some German and Russian
Personal text: I appear very self-opinionated, but i'm actually very friendly and like to talk with clever people. Dumb amoebas piss me off. Bright peeps stimulate my brain cells and make me overly talkative. Which I am anyway.
I usually go against the flow and question authorities, classics, and generally everything that people consider as a given.
Member since: 29.02.2004 | Last seen online: 16m ago

Fat & Sassy!

In real life: Ryan (26) from Hall of the Mountain King, USA
Working on: Trying to contribute more as one may be reading this. >_>
Likes: Frank Zappa, clapping my hands, getting ready to rock and proceeding to do so, being ridiculous, making situations awkward, animals, films, candy, space clowns... and... uh... you. I like *you*.
Hates: Phony music, lack of integrity, bananas, people who claim they like "all music" but really don't have much of an interest in the art at all.
Musical taste: Anything that pushes the envelope in terms of originality usually peaks my interest, but I still know how to friggin' rock (or groove) to some more classic/conservative types of music.
Album picks: Satan - Life Sentence
  Hammerforce - Access Denied
  Steelwing - Zone Of Alienation
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Languages: English
Personal text: I love music. I find the complexity of the human psyche extremely intriguing. Sometimes, I can get a bit romantic when talking about my passion for the art of music. Because of this, I may tell you that I *love* when music takes me on rides, on the wings of beauty, into the mysterious vortex of imagination deep within my subconsciousness. =3 Remarks like this *may* come off as a bit cheesy, but hey... not a fuck is being given right now.

Cheers to you all, and I wish you the best of luck in using this website and the internet as a convenient tool in broadening your tastes in music. ;3
Member since: 07.06.2008 | Last seen online: 71h ago


From: USA
Working on: Attention to detail
Likes: Milk/Shuffleboard/Forward Slashes/Clown Porn
Hates: Papercuts\Crustaceans\Babies\Slow Internet
Musical taste: Avantgarde/Experimental/Post/Jazz/Rock Fusion/Tech/Extreme, Industrial, Electronic, Ambient, New Age
Latest discovery: Chrome Hoof / Crush Depth
Album picks: Anubis Gate - Horizons
  Last Chance To Reason - Level 3
  Caligula's Horse - The Tide, The Thief & River's End
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Member since: 21.09.2005 | Last seen online: 16h ago

Mr. Doctor

In real life: Rodrigo (21) from Helsingborg, Sweden
Working on: Trying to be a good example!
Likes: Films, books and paintings that make me think. Math & physics. Cats. Music (duh). Pisco, Gin and Rum. Smoking Hookah. Quality time with my friends. Long & interesting conversations.
Hates: My own laziness, Extremists, People who don't try/like to use their brains, Normality, Conformity, "Artists" who make music without any passion, Reggaeton. Facebook. Superficial & fake people.
Musical taste: Metal-wise: I have favorite bands in the entire spectrum that is called "extreme metal" but usually Black & Doom. Otherwise: I like Post-Rock, Trip-hop some jazzy stuff, pop/rock and Pink Floyd
Album picks: The Nihilistic Front - Procession To Annihiliation
  Cloak Of Altering - Ancient Paths Through Timeless Voids
  Shining - Redefining Darkness
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Publications: Articles (16)  Reviews (26)  
Languages: Spanish, Swedish and English
Personal text: I come across as shy at first. But once I have enough confidence, I tell whatever is in my mind so my close friends or people I like from the beginning see me as a trasparent person. I won't change my way of saying things no matter who I'm talking to, that's why some people think I'm arrogant but I'm actually very humble... It's just that I treat everyone equally.
Member since: 26.12.2007 | Last seen online: 44m ago

Troy Killjoy

In real life: Troy (23) from Toronto, Canada
Working on: Reviews
Likes: Some stuff
Hates: A lot of stuff
Musical taste: Varied
Latest discovery: Self-actualization
Album picks: Elysian Blaze - Blood Geometry
  Wodensthrone - Curse
  Cattle Decapitation - Monolith Of Inhumanity
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Publications: Articles (15)  Reviews (162)  Interviews (4)  
Languages: English
Personal text: * Best Independent Demo Release of All Time
* Hottest Female Metal Storm User of 2012
* Youngest Prime Minister of Zimbabwe
Member since: 20.01.2009 | Last seen online: 35m ago