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Dane Train

In real life: Dane Train (31) from Asheville, NC, USA
Working on: Reviews and Articles
Likes: Good company, good beer and theological discussions. And Sci-Fi!
Hates: The shallowness and lack of passion of the American populous.
Musical taste: Progressive Metal, Stoner/Doom/Sludge Metal, Funk Metal, Neo-Folk/Americana
Latest discovery: Void Of Sleep
Album picks: Three - The End Is Begun
  Demon Hunter - The World Is A Thorn
  James LaBrie - Static Impulse
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Publications: Articles (15)  Reviews (23)  
Languages: English
Personal text: My name is Dane, and I work as a Family Rehabilitation Specialist doing in-home family coaching with an element of wilderness therapy to it. When I am not working, a good deal of my time is focused on my various hobbies. I am the vocalist and Theremin player for band, and we're in the process of recording an album and trying to book shows for a regional tour. I've also begun writing my first graphic novel which is even more evidence that I love comic books. I'm the sort of guy who would much rather go to a convention or festival than an amusement park. Well I think that is enough of my ADD rambling for now.
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In real life: Daniel () from Wroclaw, Poland
Working on: Retired grumpy reviewer
Likes: Metal, books, movies, tv shows (like Dexter)
Hates: Narrow-mindedness, stupidity, ignorance. Overall, I hate people who refuse to use their brains.
Musical taste: Metal 95%, non-metal 5%.
Latest discovery: Byfrost. Too bad I'm the only one that digs them!
Album picks: Overkill - White Devil Armory
  Vader - Tibi Et Igni
  Domains - Sinister Ceremonies
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Publications: Reviews (32)  
Languages: English, Polish, some German and Russian
Personal text: I appear very self-opinionated, but i'm actually very friendly and like to talk with clever people. Dumb amoebas piss me off. Bright peeps stimulate my brain cells and make me overly talkative. Which I am anyway.
I usually go against the flow and question authorities, classics, and generally everything that people consider as a given.
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Fat & Sassy!

In real life: Ryan (27) from Hall of the Mountain King, USA
Working on: Trying to contribute more as one may be reading this. >_>
Likes: Frank Zappa, clapping my hands, getting ready to rock and proceeding to do so, being ridiculous, making situations awkward, animals, films, candy, space clowns... and... uh... you. I like *you*.
Hates: Phony music, lack of integrity, bananas, people who claim they like "all music" but really don't have much of an interest in the art at all.
Musical taste: Anything that pushes the envelope in terms of originality usually peaks my interest, but I still know how to friggin' rock (or groove) to some more classic/conservative types of music.
Album picks: Arkona - Явь
  Satan - Life Sentence
  Hammerforce - Access Denied
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Publications: Articles (1)  Reviews (2)  
Languages: English
Personal text: I love music. I find the complexity of the human psyche extremely intriguing. Sometimes, I can get a bit romantic when talking about my passion for the art of music. Because of this, I may tell you that I *love* when music takes me on rides, on the wings of beauty, into the mysterious vortex of imagination deep within my subconsciousness. =3 Remarks like this *may* come off as a bit cheesy, but hey... not a fuck is being given right now.

Cheers to you all, and I wish you the best of luck in using this website and the internet as a convenient tool in broadening your tastes in music. ;3
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From: Montgomery, AL, USA
Working on: Emotional Support
Likes: Milk/Shuffleboard/Forward Slashes
Hates: Snapchat\Seafood\Comic Book Movies
Musical taste: Avantgarde/Experimental/Post/Jazz/Rock Fusion/Tech/Extreme, Industrial, Electronic, Ambient, New Age
Latest discovery: Sammath - Godless Arrogance
Album picks: IQ - The Road Of Bones
  Anubis Gate - Horizons
  Last Chance To Reason - Level 3
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Publications: Reviews (9)  
Member since: 21.09.2005 | Last seen online: 71h ago

Mr. Doctor

In real life: Rodrigo (22) from Helsingborg, Sweden
Working on: Trying to be a good example!
Likes: Films, books and paintings that make me think. Math & physics. Cats. Music (duh). Pisco, Gin and Rum. Smoking Hookah. Quality time with my friends. Long & interesting conversations.
Hates: My own laziness, Extremists, People who don't try/like to use their brains, Normality, Conformity, "Artists" who make music without any passion, Reggaeton. Facebook. Superficial & fake people.
Musical taste: Metal-wise: I have favorite bands in the entire spectrum that is called "extreme metal" but usually Black & Doom. Otherwise: I like Post-Rock, Trip-hop some jazzy stuff, pop/rock and Pink Floyd
Album picks: The Nihilistic Front - Procession To Annihiliation
  Cloak Of Altering - Ancient Paths Through Timeless Voids
  Shining - Redefining Darkness
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Publications: Articles (18)  Reviews (37)  
Languages: Spanish, Swedish and English
Personal text: I come across as shy at first. But once I have enough confidence, I tell whatever is in my mind so my close friends or people I like from the beginning see me as a trasparent person. I won't change my way of saying things no matter who I'm talking to, that's why some people think I'm arrogant but I'm actually very humble... It's just that I treat everyone equally.
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R Lewis

In real life: Luigi (19) from Bologna, Italy
Working on: Reviews, news, random edits. Interviews? Constant annoying presence, in general.
Likes: Reading, TV series, cinema, sports (both to practice & watch), vintage clothes, tidiness, irony, Mediterranean food. Last, but not the least, Sasha Grey.
Hates: Stereotypes, my English, drugs, smoking, putting on weight again (yes, I was a fatty), both blasphemy and religious fanatism, having to shout, how people cook pasta outside of Italy
Musical taste: Most melodic metal, hard rock, punk, post-rock, everything that doesn't suck. Lately also some extreme power and atmospheric black. Also love to rest to blues, soft jazz, country and funk
Latest discovery: Arrow Haze
Publications: Articles (3)  Reviews (76)  Interviews (3)  
Languages: Italian, English, a bit of Spanish
Personal text: I'm just a student who likes knowing what he's listening to. I find myself sometimes a little pathetic, but everyone I meet say I'm funny, so, let'em say - positive propaganda is always welcome.

Born and living in the North-East of Italy. Proudly. But if this dear crisis doesn't end, I'm ready to emigrate in order to work. So better improve this damn English.

Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead and House Of Cards fanboy.

Please, don't be the nth person to say me that mine is not a "metal face". I already know I'm similar to Bruno Mars. And this is quite sad.

Completely sobered up on June 1st, 2014.
Member since: 24.06.2011 | Last seen online: 26h ago


In real life: Bond. James Bond. (20) from Ireland
Working on: Reviews
Likes: Zombies, history, action movies
Hates: You, hippies, outdoors, sunshine, happiness
Musical taste: Most kinds of Metal, plus punk, traditional Irish, and some miscellaneous stuff.
Publications: Articles (2)  Reviews (107)  Interviews (1)  
Languages: English, bits of Latin, learning Russian
Personal text: If it has zombies, I will probably watch it, no matter how awful it promises to be.

The same rule applies to Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and giant, mutant, cyborg dinosaurs.
Member since: 14.10.2010 | Last seen online: 8m ago