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Title: Au Pays Natal
Favorite bands: Rush, Fates Warning, Coroner, Voivod, Godflesh, Prong, Death Angel, Riverside, Rosetta, Iron Maiden, Porcupine Tree, To-Mera, Isis, Disillusion, Agalloch, Cult Of Luna, Dark Suns, Steak Number Eight, Katatonia, Opeth, Lacuna Coil, Jesu, Circus Maximus, Enochian Theory, Fractal Gates, The Ocean, Barren Earth, Anathema, Darkology, Enslaved, Tool, Dream Theater, Incubus, Redemption, OSI, Leaves' Eyes, Ihsahn, Ghost Brigade, Be'lakor, Sieges Even, Irreversible, Mouth Of The Architect, Year Of No Light, Alcest, Black Sun Aeon, Haken, Todtgelichter, The Project Hate MCMXCIX, Subsignal, Arktika, Junius, Dirge, Amia Venera Landscape, Fading Waves, Echosilence, Líam, Jakob, Atoma, Maudlin Of The Well, Light Bearer, Blindead, Amenra, Sunpocrisy, Downfall Of Gaia, Fen, Enshine, Altar Of Plagues, Deafheaven, Ufomammut, Vaura, Agrimonia, Everything In Slow Motion
Favorite album: www.metalstorm.net/users/list.php?list_id=360
Favorite movies: Indiana Jones; Bourne Trilogy
Favorite books: Frozen in Time ; Masked Rider ; Ghost Rider

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19.04.2014 | 100% USA, Madison, WI - Lacuna Coil: US Headlining Tour 2014
18.07.2014 | 100% USA, Oshkosh, WI - Gilead Fest 2014

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  2014 Helms Alee - Sleepwalking Sailors
  1990 Sieges Even - Steps
  1991 Sieges Even - A Sense Of Change
  1995 Sieges Even - Sophisticated
  1997 Sieges Even - Uneven
  2014 Lacuna Coil - Broken Crown Halo
  2013 East Of The Wall - Redaction Artifacts
  2011 Deafheaven - Roads To Judah
  2007 Anekdoten - A Time Of Day
  2010 Alaskan - The Weak And The Wounded [EP]

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