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Favorite bands: DEAD CAN DANCE, Tristania, Within Temptation, London After Midnight, Otep, Epica, The Gathering, Draconian, Arkona, Ensiferum, Leaves' Eyes, Ava Inferi, Alcest, Mourning Lenore, Lacrimosa, After Forever, Nightwish, Velvet Acid Christ, Hyubris, Sui Generis Umbra, Process Of Guilt, Desire, Rammstein, Anathema, Tiamat, Shape Of Despair
Favorite album: Toward the Within by Dead Can Dance and Enter by WT
Favorite song: TIAMAT- do you dream of me.DCD- all from Toward the Within. Tristania- The Shinning Path. VAC- slut.
Favorite movies: Titanic, Spider Man, Pearl Harbor, The Hours, X-men, Lord of the Rings, Shutter Island
Favorite books: Harry Potter. yes. HARRY POTTER. Millenium triology, Camilla Läckberg, Stephen King, Ane Holt, etc. anything that has guts and crazy people in it.
Personal text: i tend to over-analyze everything. i guess i'm just like Hermione Granger.

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