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Favorite bands: Primal Fear
Favorite album: Fav. Games : Age of Empire I,II,III , Warcraft III, Call of Duty II, ARMA2, AA Online, Rainbow Sixes
Favorite song: Fav. dramas : The Mentalist, Giant
Favorite movies: The Island, Inception, Shutter Island, The Pianist, Ghost Ship, Big Fish, Avatar
Favorite books: Mystic River, Tragedy of Y, Sound of the governor
Personal text: listening music, Reading(SF, mystery, detective, literature, classical literature, philosophy, psychology), watching movies, playing guitar, american dramas, watching d0cumentaries, colleting albums, walking, traveling, hiking, adventure, daydreaming

I Listen All Kind Of Music Genre (Black, Death ~ Britpop.. Even Nas~Classical Music)

Introductory me Rock/Metal : Radiohead - The bends

Best album of my life : Gamma ray - Land of the free

Best of I lasted heard : Galneryus - Advance to the fall

My Best 30 Albums (A-Z) (Except Extreme metals) Ver 0.2

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