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Favorite bands: In Flames, The Absence, Aletheian, All That Remains, Amon Amarth, Anterior, The Arcane Order, Arch Enemy, Archons, Arkaea, Arsis, Baptized In Blood, Barren Earth, Becoming The Archetype, Before The Dawn, Be'lakor, The Bereaved, Between The Buried And Me, The Black Dahlia Murder, Bleeding Through, Blind Stare, Blinded Colony, Burden Of Grief, Chaos Core, Children Of Bodom, Cipher System, Code For Silence, The Cold Existence, Compos Mentis, D Creation, Dagoba, Dark Age, Dark Tranquillity, Darkane, Darkest Hour, Daysend, The Defaced, Degradead, Descending, Destroy Destroy Destroy, Detonation, Devildriver, Diablo, Dimension Zero, Disarmonia Mundi, Divine Heresy, The Duskfall, Edge Of Serenity, Epicurean, The Faceless, The Fading, Faithful Darkness, Fall Of Serenity, Fear My Thoughts, The Few Against Many, Five Finger Death Punch, Fractal Gates, Fragments Of Unbecoming, Ghost Brigade, Gojira, Hatesphere, The Haunted, Hypocrisy, Immortal Souls, Imperanon, In Mourning, Insomnium, Into Eternity, Kalmah, Killswitch Engage, Lost Dreams, Lunarsea, Machinemade God, Marionette, Mercenary, Miseration, Misery Speaks, Mors Principium Est, Mutiny Within, MyGRAIN, Naildown, Necrophagist, Nightrage, Norther, Nothnegal, Omnium Gatherum, Opeth, Pain Confessor, Pathogen, Protest The Hero, Rise To Fall, Satariel, Scar Symmetry, Shadows Fall, Skyfire, Soilwork, Solution .45, Soul Demise, Souldrainer, Subliminal Fear, Switchblade, Sylosis, System Shock, Thine Eyes Bleed, Threat Signal, Torchbearer, Tracedawn, Trivium, Unearth, Urkraft, Wintersun, Woe Of Tyrants, Yorblind, Yyrkoon, Zonaria, Eluveitie, Dreamshade, Incarnia, Blackguard, Chain Collector, Orpheus, Universum, Euphoreon, World Under Blood, As Eden Burns, The Blinded, Deals Death, Dirge Within, Fear Of Domination, Fission, Kiana, Unmoored, Suidakra, Words Of Farewell, Allegaeon, Battlecross