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Metal Storm Awards 2022


Metal Storm Awards 2022

Is the world fixed yet? No? Damn. Well, it’s always been a mess one way or another. The important thing is that we keep on truckin’ and continue to celebrate the music that helps us through the toughest of times, be they personal or global.

…or related to genre placement, which is often the most difficult trial ever faced by a true metal fan. This year we had to throw up our hands and stick Amorphis in Folk/Pagan/Viking after years of Heavy/Melodic, because we just have no idea what to do anymore; now that we’ve rebranded the latter category as “Heavy/Traditional,” it doesn’t seem quite right, but was that ever the place? Should it have been Melodeath? Progressive? Alternative? …Djent? At least we know they’re going to win, wherever they are. And you can bet your sweet bippy that our debate surrounding Lorna Shore was even more brutal than the band itself. Symphonic deathcore certainly rips, but is it Symphonic or Deathcore? In the end, we threw them into the Core category (along with Worm Shepherd, but not Shadow Of Intent, who went to Symphonic). And then is Ghost even “hard” rock anymore? Oi vey. At least Stratovarius went into Power. No one’s doubting that pick.

It's important to hang onto those rare certainties when you can find them, because we're still living in a world of daily unknowns. We at Metal Storm sure don't intend to help much: with a whopping 260 nominees (272, counting our Clandestine Cuts winners compiled in their own category), 2022's Metal Storm Awards continue our proud achievement of afflicting all of our users with choice paralysis, and we can't guarantee that every last one of those is going to blow your mind in particular. But we're playing a numbers game here: lurking within these categories are any number of hidden gems just waiting for you to shine a light on them, and if you can hold yourself to some patience and inquisition, you'll find a new roster of stunning releases that you can set your watch to. That's what this is all about, and phooey on winners and losers.

Speaking of Metal Storm traditions, unforeseen technical difficulties are a longstanding one, albeit one we can’t say we’re particularly proud of; veteran MSA voters will remember the years of “Unable to connect to database.” and rightfully shiver at the thought of missing out on some crucial competition time. We made it through last year’s edition unscathed, but we’re aiming higher than that for the future: just a few weeks ago, we implemented a major overhaul to Metal Storm’s subterranean infrastructure (you may have seen the rats seeking new shelter), and that means we’re going to be knocking through drywall and untangling cables for a while. If you experience any lapses in service, don’t worry: this time, it’s not a sign of Metal Storm breaking down, but of active construction. In a way, those bugs are a good thing (but, uh, please do report them to us).

That seems like an appropriate thought to leave you all on, so let’s all go enjoy some high-quality heavy metal from 2022 before we get too cozy with 2023. Be sure to take your time checking out new artists and let us know what you think of the whole business.

Metal Storm Staff