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Marduk - Fuck Me Jesus / Glorification [Compilation]

Release date: 1995
Style: Black metal

Fuck Me Jesus
01. Fuck Me Jesus (Intro)
02. Departure From The Mortals
03. The Black
04. Within The Abyss
05. Shut Up And Suffer
06. Dark Endless [bonus]
07. In Conspiracy With Satan [Bathory cover][bonus]
08. Woman Of Dark Desires [Bathory cover][bonus]

09. Glorification Of The Black God [remixed version]
10. Total Desaster [Destruction cover]
11. Sex With Satan [Piledriver cover]
12. Sodomized The Dead [Piledriver cover]
13. The Return Of Darkness & Evil [Bathory cover]

Additional info
Tracks 1-8: 'Fuck Me Jesus'.
Tracks 9-13: 'Glorification'.

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