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Slayer - Reign In Blood

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Release date: 7 October 1986
Style: Thrash metal


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01. Angel Of Death
02. Piece By Piece
03. Necrophobic
04. Altar Of Sacrifice
05. Jesus Saves
06. Criminally Insane
07. Reborn
08. Epidemic
09. Postmortem
10. Raining Blood
11. Aggressive Perfector [1998 re-release bonus]
12. Criminally Insane [remix version] [1998 re-release bonus]

Top 20 albums of 1986: 2
Top 200 albums of all time: 17
Featured in "Getting Into: Slayer"

Additional info
Produced by Rick Rubin and Slayer.
Engineered by Andy Wallace.
Mixed at New Fresh, N.Y.C.
Mastered by Howie Weinberg.

Guest review by
Edible Autopsy
The greatest metal record of all time. This topic is often debated upon in the Metal Kingdom and to most there is no definite answer. A worthy contender for this title is Slayer's 1986 masterpiece, Reign In Blood. Few albums withstand the test of time as well and even fewer have had such a huge impact on the metal world as this one.

published 24.09.2003 | Comments (66)

Guest review by
Where does one begin reviewing an album with as much hype and influence as this? An album branded as revolutionary and with such a fanatical following. It is always going to be a difficult task, so I ask that for a moment we forget the hype surrounding this album and we look at the musical value it holds.

Reign in Blood was in many ways a brave new world for Slayer. It had a completely different sound to anything before it; they abandoned all the pretentiousness of the long, drawn out, complex song structures they had experimented with on Haunting the Chapel and Hell Awaits. In this, it was far more accessible, yet they didn't sacrifice any of their integrity or alienate any of their core fan base. Their intention was quite clear, that this was to be the fastest, heaviest, angriest music ever to be unleashed on human ears.

published 04.04.2008 | Comments (18)

Guest review by
For more than a decade, Slayer has proudly fused thrash and speed metal into loud, offering doomish dirges, voraciously boisterous and blasphemous songs groaning over lyrics that depict madness, suicide and murder in excess, a style which should definetly suit a ten-year-old metalhead. On October 7, 1986, Slayer released what was to become their masterpiece, "Reign In Blood". An album discribed by Kerrang! Magazine as "the heaviest album of all time" and peaked at number 22 on Metal Storm's "top 100 albums of all time" survey, a position that only "the crème de la crème" bands could get. Believe me, reviewing a very popular album from a very popular band isn't easy at all, but sometimes justice must be done.

published 14.08.2008 | Comments (207)

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18.08.2023 - 11:59
Rating: 8
Way better than hell awaits

11.09.2023 - 05:15
Rating: 9
Nocturnal Bro
Written by Roman Doez on 23.04.2023 at 18:48

I have officially left the Reign in blood hate crew, this album is actually very fun despite its not so great solos

You've motivated me to revisit this album, and now I've seen the light as well. Still don't like all the solos, but I like all the rest. The riffs, the vocals, the overall energy. Very nice indeed 👌
11.09.2023 - 15:14
Rating: 8
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Written by Roman Doez on 23.04.2023 at 18:48

I have officially left the Reign in blood hate crew, this album is actually very fun despite its not so great solos

The solos definitely take a point away for me as well.
14:22 - Marcel Hubregtse
I do your mum

11.09.2023 - 18:15
A Real Mönkey
Written by suryanshkalia on 18.08.2023 at 11:59

Way better than hell awaits

"Change the world. My final message. Goodbye."

~Last words of Harambe, seconds before he was shot, according to child he shielded from gunfire

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