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Avantasia - A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society

7.6 | 118 votes |
Release date: 21 October 2022
Style: Symphonic power metal


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01. Welcome To The Shadows
02. The Wicked Rule The Night [feat. Ralf Scheepers]
03. Kill The Pain Away [feat. Floor Jansen]
04. The Inmost Light [feat. Michael Kiske]
05. Misplaced Among The Angels [feat. Floor Jansen]
06. I Tame The Storm [feat. Jørn Lande]
07. Paper Plane [feat. Ronnie Atkins]
08. The Moonflower Society [feat. Bob Catley]
09. Rhyme And Reason [feat. Eric Martin]
10. Scars [feat. Geoff Tate]
11. Arabesque [feat. Michael Kiske & Jørn Lande]

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Perhaps I’ve been scarred by Rob Zombie: I’ve come to expect that when the title of a band’s new album reaches 16 syllables, it suggests a diversion of creative resources from the music. I’ll always have more patience for Avantasia than most bands, but their ninth opera doesn’t totally dispel my prejudice.

published 20.11.2022 | Comments (6)

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29.06.2022 - 14:25
Rating: 8

Finally!! Can't wait for this!! Enjoying both singles a lot.
"Perception and fact, all the same: the truth's what you feel..."
6.5 = good album
30.06.2022 - 20:53

Im hoping this wont just be a copy and paste album like the last few
13.07.2022 - 16:52

The first and the second singles - both are great, especially The Wicked Rule The Night, Scheepers delivering tons of energy again!
27.08.2022 - 15:39

Not too excited about the guests, especially Eric Martin. Same old gang.
22.10.2022 - 18:45
Rating: 6
A Nice Guy
Sure it has it's epic moments, and I really like the bag pipes towards the end of the final track, but sadly I'm not feeling the album as a whole, it seems to be lacking that early Avantasia magic. Maybe it's just me
23.10.2022 - 00:38
Rating: 8

I totally understand Andy's point of view here, even being a late-Avantasia fan like me, it's lacking something. Nonetheless, I still managed to enjoy most tracks. I really like most of the choruses and vocals (even though the harmonies get a bit weird here and there). A few problems with this one are the guitar solos, (this might just be me) it seems they've gone back to the generic, almost sloppy style of the Wicked Trilogy. Moonglow and Ghostlights were huge steps up in the soloing and this seems to lose that. Something feels weird with the production, and I also really miss the key changes.
But in all, even though it sounds negative, I liked this album. Definitely not his best, but not his worst.

Edit: I went back through their entire post-metal opera discography, so this is my ranking.
1. Moonglow
2. Ghostlights
3. A Paranormal Evening...
4. Mystery of Time
5. The Wicked Symphony
6. The Scarecrow
7. Angel of Babylon
"Perception and fact, all the same: the truth's what you feel..."
6.5 = good album
24.10.2022 - 02:00
Rating: 7
Nothing more than just a "good"/acceptable" album. Way too anticipatedly hyped by Tobias, EVERY SINGLE DAY on the official page in Facebook, saying it would be Avantasia's greatest disc ever. I hoped for something like Metal Opera Pt. III, but it has the same formula from the last 3 records. A big letdown.
24.10.2022 - 15:27

It's funny because when Moonglow was released I didn't like it very much, I thought there was too much happening, it was too long, kind of an overproduction. Now, this album seems to be the opposite... something is missing! It does have great moments, sure, but overall to my ears it sounds more like a collection of songs that were put together.
I must say Moonglow has really grown on me (although Ghotlights is my all-time favorite album) so I'm interested in what the future holds for A Paranormal Evening.
24.10.2022 - 16:46
Rating: 7
SoUnDs LiKe PoP

Leading up to this album, Tobi kept saying it was his best yet. I know artists always say this, but he seemed to genuinely believe this.

Well, IMO, he was very wrong. Not a bad album, but this pales in comparison to Ghostlights, and even Moonglow. Older fans will be pleased with the fact it leans more into the Power Metal sound of the earlier albums, but overall I found a lot of the songs to fall flat - the melodies just simply aren't as strong on this one.
I lift weights and listen to metal
24.10.2022 - 22:31
Rating: 8

Enjoyable album, with good songs, and a strongly AOR feeling especially in the choruses, more radio-friendly than the previous ones, but easily listenable positively.
06.11.2022 - 14:43
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Best songs Wicked rules the night, and I Tame the storm.
Wicked rules the night is best and heaviest song, that Tobias Stammet and Jens Ludvig ever has written Yes its even better as old Edguy what is better as Avantasia. Classic band sound here soft vibes whit melodic music and food vocal cocktail here, album what gets better N better after listening few times
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
21.11.2022 - 16:35
Rating: 9

Strange to see this being Avantasia's weakest album overall considering how much better this is than the Wicked Symphony or Angel of Babylon. I guess people are just harsher these days.
21.11.2022 - 19:33
Rating: 8
This is has strangely become one of the most addictive Avantasia albums despite being the poorest average review so far haha!
I've been listening since The Scarecrow, and each release have been descent but I have honestly like almost every song in the album since The Scarecrow.
By no means a revolutionary album in the Power Metal/Metal Opera scene, but I think it's a solid 8-9 banger.

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