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Circus Of Fools - A Broadcast From GEN .0

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Release date: 22 November 2022
Style: Melodic death metal, Gothic metal


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01. GEN .0 File Codenamed "Are You Listening?"
02. Head Of Medusa
03. Blockheads
04. In The Name of Science
05. Distanced
06. Orgy Of Indulgence
07. Our Digital Drug
08. Primal Force Humanity
09. Relentless Abnormality
10. GEN .0 File Codenamed "CLOWN"
11. Paradoxon

Additional info
Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered at Sawdust Recordings Studios.
Vocals and guitars recorded and edited at Sawdust Recordings Studios and in Tübingen, Germany.
Bass recorded at Sawdust Recordings Studios and recorded and edited in Neumünster, Germany.

Viola and violin recorded and edited at Sawdust Recordings Studios and in Zürich, Switzerland.
Violoncello recorded and edited in Raitbach, Schopfheim, Germany.
Drums and percussion recorded and edited in Reutlingen, Germany.
Choir Weilheim recorded at Nikomedeskirche, Weilheim, Germany.
Choir Zürich recoreded and engineered in Zürich, Switzerland.

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