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Hammers Of Misfortune - Overtaker

6.4 | 32 votes |
Release date: 2 December 2022
Style: Progressive thrash metal


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01. Overtaker
02. Dark Brennius
03. Vipers Cross
04. Don't Follow The Lights
05. Ghost Hearts
06. Outside Our Minds
07. The Raven's Bell
08. Orbweaver
09. Overthrower
10. Aggressive Perfection

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A very bumpy ride through aimless chaos.

published 31.12.2022 | Comments (6)

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28.11.2022 - 17:52
Rating: 7

"Don't follow the lights" and "Outside Our Minds" give me impression that this might be their most sophisticated record yet. Can't wait to find out if they managed to deliever another great record.
29.11.2022 - 22:10
Rating: 8

Streaming in full on Decibel. It's way more of a burner than Dead Revolution was. Acid sword and sorcery prog thrash. It's relentless, and I dig it.
Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy
02.12.2022 - 03:47

I'll listen to it very soon and update this review, since I've followed them for such a long time
02.12.2022 - 09:52
Rating: 4
Morbid Angel 13

I'm usually a sucker for progressive metal but, this is really bad...
02.12.2022 - 21:59
Rating: 8

It actually feels a little bit more like Vhöl than like Hammers what with the tempo and the more streamlined approach, but I like both bands, so that's not a hardship.
Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy
05.12.2022 - 22:27
delicious dish
Written by Tuonelan on 02.12.2022 at 21:59

It actually feels a little bit more like Vhöl than like Hammers what with the tempo and the more streamlined approach, but I like both bands, so that's not a hardship.

That's what I immediately thought when the first track came out. And yeah seems the entire album was like this. Similarly to Vhöl I feel like "oh this is nice in theory" and then never listen to it cause it's kind of whatever. Maybe it'll grow on me. Probably not though
You are the hammer, I am the nail
building a house in the fire on the hill
08.12.2022 - 23:02
Rating: 6
A Nice Guy
Sadly this release is really not doing anything for me
09.12.2022 - 09:28
Rating: 7
High Fist Prog
The first album from this band I actually enjoyed, but I feel like there's an aspect of fluidity that's missing. Maybe I should check out this Vhöl that has been mentioned a few times.

Edit: I lied. The debut is actually pretty good.
09.12.2022 - 19:34
Rating: 7

Almost very good, but I just wish they infused more of those abstract, eclectic instrumentary into the songs. Very often the songs come to an end when they start to get really interesting. Some themes and motives also seem a bit underutilized. If they expanded those ideas further, this would be an amazing record. Right now it's a good, but very blue balls type of album.At times it can be very ambitious, giving the feel of some tech-thrash era voivod (specifically Dimension Hatröss), just replace Cyberpunk (with "punk" being a keyword here) with more space voyage type of vibe. Still I haven't heard VHOL yet, but I've seen opinions on the internet that that band basically combines every Voivod era into one style, so I'm definitely checking them out later.

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