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Najand - Battle For Emancipation

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Release date: 1 January 2023
Style: Black metal

01. The Revolution Timespan (Doreye Enghelabi)
02. The Fire Of Revolution (Atashe Enghelab)
03. Lost Under The Ruins (Gomshode Zire Viraneha)
04. The Silent Army (Lashgare Khamoosh)
05. A Riffle Made Of Bullets Of Truth (Mosalsali Az Kheshabe Haghayegh)
06. The Glass Should Be Broken (Shishe Ra Bayad Shekast)
07. Blazing September (Mehre Atashin)
08. It's End Of The Road (Akhare Khatte)
09. December Fury (Khashme Azarin)
10. The Siren Of Death (Nafire Marg)
11. Speak Out (Sokhan Begoo)
12. The Flight Of Screams (Parvaze Faryadha)
13. The Giant Prison (Zendane Bozorg)
14. The Arrest Warrant (Ehzarie Be Zendan)
15. Indefinite Detention (Bazdashtgahe Abadi)
16. Flames Of A Cry (Sholehaye Boghz)
17. Reactionary System (Dastgahe Erteja)
18. Shine Of The Light (Derakhshanie Noor)
19. Silent Sobbing (Boghze Forookhorde)
20. In Battle With The Oppression (Dar Jange Ba Setam)
21. Reactionary Order (Monasebate Erteja)
22. Strike, Protest, Regional Riot (Etesab, Tazahorat, Shooreshe Mahallat)
23. Pursuant Democracy, The People's Councils (Democracy e Peygir, Shorahaye Mardomi)
24. The Committee Of Death (Heyate Marg)
25. The Rock Of Death (Sakhreye Marg)
26. Battle For Emancipation Of Masses (Nabarde Rahayie Toodeha)
27. Third Of The Four Rebels (Sevoming Nafar Az Chahar Shooreshgar)

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A couple of days ago, an esteemed colleague of mine said when reviewing the latest Rye album that “lot of where my gripes lie with Всё lie within the production”. Here’s a solution for you, Radu; give a few minutes of Najand’s latest album a blast, and suddenly Всё will sound absolutely fine to your ears.

published 04.01.2023 | Comments (15)

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04.01.2023 - 19:52
Rating: 4
A Nice Guy
Old school ain't even the word I would describe the sound here, this even makes Bathory's debut seem way advanced in comparison, the production quality is incredibly lo-fi, but that isn't the actual issue I have here, in fact I quite like it's dirty roughness. I just find the songwriting not up to scratch, it's just a wee bit too amateurish for my liking, maybe more thought was needed, this sounds more like demo material to me only there are way too many tracks, the length seems unnecessary for this kind of style it gets too much in one sitting, so perhaps back to the drawing board before releasing any new material it would save extra harsh criticism I would say

Somehow judging by this style, I don't think this musician will be bothered one wee bit if he received negative feedback, I think he would rather embrace it
05.01.2023 - 08:07
Rating: 3

I thought this would be another one off album that would make its way down to the bottom 20, but no, this artist has a history of crappy albums apparently.
Same as above comment.
"Perception and fact, all the same: the truth's what you feel..."

Unpopular opinions is my middle name.
05.01.2023 - 16:13
Rating: 3
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
It's crazy that someone is intentionally writing music like this.
14:22 - Marcel Hubregtse
I do your mum
15.01.2023 - 21:40
Rating: 2
Troy Killjoy
I hesitate to rate anything on the extreme ends of the 1-10 scale but this is just atrocious. I can't tell if it's supposed to be satirical or why anyone in their right mind would release this thinking it in any way resembles a finished product. Reading through the comments on the review thread brings to light that maybe "right mind" is the key phrase here. This is incoherence in audio form.
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