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Sirenia - 1977

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Release date: 26 May 2023
Style: Symphonic gothic metal


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01. Deadlight
02. Wintry Heart
03. Nomadic
04. The Setting Darkness
05. A Thousand Scars
06. Fading To The Deepest Black
07. Oceans Away
08. Dopamine
09. Delirium
10. Timeless Desolation
11. Twist In My Sobriety [Tanita Tikaram cover] [bonus]

Morten Veland - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, programming
Emmanuelle Zoldan - vocals
Nils Courbaron - guitars
Michael Brush - drums

Additional info
Released via Napalm Records

Mixed and mastered at Vamacara Studios, France.

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26.05.2023 - 13:24
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Album is better as you judge before, well done, well composed, Yes its not as old ones, but its OK done, lyrics are OK, enjoyable, better as I expected actually.
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
27.05.2023 - 04:03
Rating: 7
More consistent than the bizarre last electro-whatever-symphonicmetal-wannabe effort, yet not even mentionable if compared to recent records, like the one from 2018. I think Sirenia needs a focus, its discography is quite randomly appreciable and is hard to create any expectations about the band, what is not a good thing when it makes you feel like there's a lack of self-identity in their music.
27.05.2023 - 09:23
Rating: 6
A Nice Guy
Going into this I certainly didn't expect the quality of their first two releases, especially the stunning debut ASAS, they're a long way off from that, but this ain't all that bad, yes a very commercialized sound and the songwriting is nothing particularly special, but it still has It's enjoyable moments.

Some tracks certainly better than others, "Delirium" is the track that stands out most for me. Not one to be remembered when looking back through their discography, but oh well
27.05.2023 - 20:01
Rating: 7

There is some great moments and I like Wintry Heart song. Unfortunately as a whole the album is not too entertaining.
28.05.2023 - 07:36
Rating: 8
SoUnDs LiKe PoP

This album really teases you. After the first few tracks, you expect it to be awful. But there ends up being enough strong tracks throughout the mid and end sections of the album to redeem it.

Standout tracks for me: Wintry Heart, The Setting Darkness, Dopamine, Delirium, Timeless Desolation

For those of you who haven't been listening to Mortemia's releases over the past 3 years, I would highly highly recommend them. Between those tracks and this, this guy has been cranking out a lot of solid music, even if there are some misses here and there. Totally unexpected after how awful the last Sirenia album was.
I lift weights and listen to metal
29.05.2023 - 12:51
Rating: 7
Dark Forever
Ruído Sonoro
Something feels wrong with the production here. Too loud maybe? Also, Emmanuelle's vocals have too much reverb and sometimes it feels like she's singing out of a hole, like in Nomadic (probably the worst song here). Overall a good, enjoyable album but not a return to form, even if it's slightly better than Riddles, Ruins & Revelations.
Taste the DARK...
... and you'll live FOREVER!
31.05.2023 - 23:11
Rating: 8
Nicko's Nose

Is this really their worst album? I think it’s better than the previous one. Still need to listen to some of the older ones.
04.06.2023 - 12:22
Rating: 7

It kept reminding me of Bonnie Tyler's songs more than I could imagine!
04.06.2023 - 14:24
Rating: 6
I really like the opening riff of “A Thousand Scars” and some of the fast solos are enjoyable. The short breakdown/bridge in “Delirium” is fire. Otherwise, this is a most mediocre album. I wonder what goes through the mind of someone like Morten Veland once he finishes the writing and demo-recording process. He’s no spring chicken, nor does he come across as an egomaniac who thinks all he touches turns to gold. On some level, he has to know that albums like these are painfully average. Is he just in it for the money at this point?
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