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Avantasia - The Scarecrow

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Release date: 25 January 2008
Style: Symphonic power metal


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Disc I [CD]
01. Twisted Mind
02. The Scarecrow
03. Shelter From The Rain
04. Carry Me Over
05. What Kind Of Love
06. Another Angel Down
07. The Toy Master
08. Devil In The Belfry
09. Cry Just A Little
10. I Don't Believe In Your Love
11. Lost In Space

Disc II [DVD]
+ Interview - Song By Song
+ Carry Me Over [video]
+ Making Of "Carry Me Over"
+ Lost In Space - Electronic Press Kit
+ Making Of "Lost In Space"
01. Don't Believe In Your Love [Alternative version] [audio]
02. The Toy Master [Alternative version] [audio]

The best Power Metal album of 2008

Tobias Sammet - vocals, bass, keyboards
Sascha Paeth - guitars, keyboards
Eric Singer - drums

Additional musicians:
Bob Catley - vocals
Vincent "Alice Cooper" Furnier - vocals
Oliver Hartmann - vocals
Roy "Khan" Sætre Khantatat - vocals
Michael Kiske - vocals
Jørn Lande - vocals
Amanda Somerville - vocals
Kai Hansen - guitars
Henjo Richter - guitars
Michael "Miro" Rodenberger - keyboards, orchestration
Rudolf Schenker - guitars
Cinzia Rizzo - backing vocals
Tiffany Kirkland - backing vocals
Matthias Kontny - backing vocals
Ina Morgan - backing vocals
Thomas Rettke - backing vocals
Michael Voy - backing vocals
Cloudy Yang - backing vocals

Staff review by
Baz Anderson
No life was to be found in Tobias Sammet's Avantasia for years after the release of second the "Metal Opera" back in 2002 until last year and the "Lost In Space" single and EPs, which certainly provoked mixed feelings about the new full-length album "The Scarecrow" which finally makes its long-awaited release.

published 24.01.2008 | Comments (43)

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01.12.2010 - 14:01

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01.12.2010 - 14:30
Rating: 8
Angelic Storm
This is a decent album with the ocassional filler, and truly great moments. The best songs such as the title track, "The Toy Master", and "Shelter From The Rain" are real musical gems, and show Tobi's quite obvious songwriting talent to the max. xD "What Kind Of Love" is definitely the low point of the album for me. Ive only ever listened to that song once. lol Songs like "Another Angel Down" and "Devil In The Belfry" are decent enough, but sound ordinary and are filler compared to the real highlights of the album.

Tobi utilises his guest vocalists to maximum effect, giving them material that are perfect for their voices. The best examples of this are Jorn Lande on the celtic melodrama of the epic title track, Alice Cooper on the creepy and over the top "The Toy Master", and Michael Kiske on a the melodic speed metal rush of "Shelter From The Rain". (Which also features a great guitar solo from Kai Hansen!) Its way too patchy to be called a classic, but the great songs are truly awesome.
01.12.2010 - 14:41

This album sucks. The Metal Operas were ten times better.
Trying to be the next Bon Jovi is not a good idea.

The only listenable song for me is "Shelter From The Rain" and even then it's far from great, only half-decent.
They shake your hand and they smile and they buy you a drink
They say we'll be your friends we'll stick with you till the end
But everybody's only looking out for themselves
And you say who can you trust I'll tell you nobody
03.02.2011 - 22:09
Rating: 8
Unasuming Madnes
This album makes me feel the same way as the other two in the Wicked Trilogy; great songs but barely anything memorable. What perhaps makes this the weakest of the tree is the amount of filler, such as "What kind of Love" and "Cry Just a Little". They just seem REALLY out of place. I suppose it kind of fits in with his idea of making acsesable music, but they just....don't fit. Its a pity to about some of the better songs (such as "Devil in the Belfry") just get washed away by the overall genericness of the album as a whole. They're great on their own, but just blend to much into each other. 7.5/10
26.04.2011 - 01:57
Rating: 7
Mountain King
K i K o
I like this album but i mean Jorn Lande and Paeth instead of (Kiske, Matos) and Henjo. I know Kiske sang on a few songs but i mean in general. not to mention the epic power metal songwriting in the Metal Opera which has a bigger effect. Of course the operas are going to be better...
08.06.2013 - 08:39
Rating: 10

Metal Operas are WAAAAAYYYYY overrated (those ones doesn't even compare to the best Edguy efforts IMHO, Theater of Salvation & Vain Glory Opera). The Scarecrow is the summit for Tobi's creativity. Every song in this album is GREAT! Beginning with Twisted Mind WITH ROY "GENGHIS" KHAN!!! Following with THE BEST EVER AVANTASIA SONG: THE SCARECROW! And after the BEST PM AVANTASIAN SONG: SHELTER FROM THE RAIN (dat chorus!). And there it comes some relaxing with Carry Me Over, not as good as the three first ones, but nice. Now is the time for the BEAUTIFUL What Kind of Love that I enjoyed so much. And after it comes ANOTHER ANGEL DOWN with all its power. And it takes The Toy Master with a great Alice Cooper in great form. Now the turn is for Devil in the Belfry, another powerful song. Bob Catley makes appearance now with the nice Cry Just A Little. And a great appearance by the tremendous Oliver Hartmann with I Don't Believe In Your Love, to end the album with a very nice (IMHO) ending with Lost In Space.

Avantasia nowadays goes far beyond just metal, is ART in their widest expression. Is obvious that elitists like RavenKing (he's more aggresive in his personal tastes and will never accept more tender rhythms) will never digest this masterpiece, it takes a open mind in musical terms to understand and enjoy in all its majesty this PRECIOUS album.
27.04.2021 - 10:39
Rating: 5
The Scarecrow and I Don't Believe In Your Love are two excellent tracks. Great song writing and vocal performances. I always also loved Devil In The Belfry, a hard-hitting power metal track. Twisted Mind and The Toy Master are good efforts of using Khan and Cooper but I don't think the songs themself are anything special. Then there's the rest... and I think my rating reflects how I feel of them

Funny enough he left off two of the best tracks and included them on the Lost in Space EP (Promised Land and The Story Ain't Over). Include them and exclude Lost In Space and Carry Me Over and that would have improved the record a lot.
And what do you call assassins who accuse assassins anyway, my friend?
30.06.2022 - 12:39
Rating: 8

Great stuff. Better than both operas.
"It washed away in a tide of longing, a longing for a better world..."
6.5 = good album

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