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Seventh Wonder - Waiting In The Wings

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Release date: 24 August 2006
Style: Progressive metal


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01. Star Of David
02. Taint The Sky
03. Waiting In The Wings
04. Banish The Wicked
05. Not An Angel
06. Devil's Inc.
07. Walking Tall
08. The Edge Of My Blade
09. Pieces

Additional info
Produced by: Seventh Wonder
Engineered by: Seventh Wonder and Daniel Flores
Mixed by: Tommy Hansen
Cover Art by: Carl-André Beckston (MonoWasp)
Recorded in: Sound vs. Science Studios, February-March 2006
Mastered by: Tommy Hansen, at Jailhouse Studios, April 2006

Guest review by
R Lewis
I'll admit it: I initially got into Seventh Wonder - as, I suspect, many people have done - just to check how the new Kamelot singer, Tommy Karevik, sounded. I first listened to Mercy Falls and, fell in love with this Scandinavian combo, decided to try out the previous releases, Become and Waiting In The Wings. These two, especially the second one, absolutely didn't disappoint the high expectations I had.

published 17.11.2012 | Comments (2)

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05.11.2011 - 18:41
Rating: 10

This is one of the best prog metal albums I have ever heard. So creative, so much riffage, and the vocals are incredibly good. Oh and great songwriting.
06.07.2012 - 18:02
Rating: 8
Secundum Filium
This is the first album i have heard with Tommy Karevik on vocals (I heard Become before this), and he completely blows the previous singer out of the water! I was introduced to this band last year (right around the time Great Escape was released, ironic that that album was the one I listened to last). This is truly an excellent album, not my favorite (that is reserved for Great Escape), but I highly recommend everyone check this out now!
Ordinary men hate solitude. But the Master makes use of it, embracing his aloneness, realizing he is one with the whole universe (Lao Tzu).
01.11.2012 - 22:15
Rating: 9
R Lewis

Great. Still prefer Mercy Falls, but this one is simply great too. "Not An Angel" in something out of this world, just perfect.
We could be so much more than we are. Stop.
01.06.2017 - 03:22
Rating: 8
Nick Carter

Karevik is a Monster. It's always a pleasure to hear him sing.
25.08.2018 - 21:23
Rating: 8

That might be my favorite Seventh Wonder's album alongside Mercy Falls, at least it's the one containing most of my favorite Seventh Wonder's song. Tommy is excellent, this man is a god.
12.04.2020 - 13:58
Rating: 9
Mountain King
K i K o
Took me some time to start listening to them. I got to know about them once Tommy joined Kamelot for Silverthorn back in 2012 but never started to listen to them apart from a few youtube videos. So happy to have heard this as this is exactly what my taste is in music. Complex, beautiful, dramatic, epic with an exceptional voice. Tommy's singing brings it up a notch, he's not just that great prog/power singer, he is exceptional and somehow unique in how he uses his voice. The type of his vocals might be similar to some famous power metal names but the usage is pretty unique and on spot. You feel like a professional is singing, not a garage band gone famous singer like in many instances.
10.02.2021 - 22:03
Rating: 9
Tom Muller

Fantastic album
Can you see it

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