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Nevolution - Music To Snap By

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Release date: 2006
Style: Melodic death metal


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01. Split
02. Evil Among Us
03. Blood Sweat And Tears
04. Beyond The Void
05. Song To Snap By
06. Down Came The Rain
07. Die For Anything
08. Apeshit
09. Survival
10. Bullshit
11. The Left Hand Of God
12. Forgiven Not Forgotten

Additional info
Instead of recording the album in a "fancy" studio the decided to go to a farm in the middle of nowhere but still not to far from their hometown Akureyri and recorded the album at the farm.

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This album had been long awaited with quite a lot anticipation and probably an unfair one for the band. Everyone remembered the 2 songs this band had released as Anubis, especially the song "Suiciety" which kinda reminds most folks on At The Gates, so the pressure was on. But then the band quit, and the two remaining members decided to keep going and got some friends from a nearby village to join them. They started recording the EP that they released before this album but before they started recording the EP they felt they had to change the name of the band since it had changed drastically, then they meant with their musical ideas, and changed it to Nevolution. They got a real good but mixed response to the EP and quite soon felt they had to follow it up with a "studio" album, which ended up being recorded at a remote farm. People were still digesting the very different sound and the level of creativity when the band came out with the news that they had started writing for an upcoming album.

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