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Summoning - Sounds Of Middle Earth [Boxset]

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Release date: 2 July 2007
Style: Atmospheric black metal


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Disc I [Lugburz]
01. Grey Heavens
02. Beyond Bloodred Horizons
03. Flight Of The Nazgul
04. Where Winters Forever Cry
05. Through The Valley Of The Frozen Kingdom
06. Raising With The Battle-Orcs

Disc II [Lugburz]
01. Master Of The Old Lure
02. Between Light And Darkness
03. The Eternal Lands Of Fire
04. Dragons Of Time
05. Moondance

Disc III [Minas Morgul]
01. Soul Wandering
02. Lugburz
03. The Passing Of The Grey Company

Disc IV [Minas Morgul]
01. Morthond
02. Marching Homewards
03. Orthanc

Disc V [Minas Morgul]
01. Ungolianth
02. Dagor Bragollach
03. Through The Forest Of Dol Guldur

Disc VI [Minas Morgul]
01. The Legend Of The Master-Ring
02. Dor Daedeloth

Disc VII [Dol Guldur]
01. Angbands Schmieden
02. Nightshade Forests

Disc VIII [Dol Guldur]
01. Elfstone
02. Khazad Dúm

Disc IX [Dol Guldur]
01. Kôr
02. Wyrmvater Glaurung

Disc X [Dol Guldur]
01. Unto A Long Glory...
02. Over Old Hills

Additional info
Only available as limited x5 picture disc LP box set limited to 1000 copies.
This box contains 12-inch vinyl stuff. The box also contains a 12 pages booklet with unpublished photos and lyrics.

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