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Negură Bunget - Măiestrit

8.2 | 102 votes |
Release date: 15 March 2010
Style: Black metal, Folk metal


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01. Vremea Locului Sortit
02. În-Zvîcnirea Apusului
03. A-Vînt În Abis
04. Al Locului
05. Bruiestru
06. Plecăciunea Morţii
07. A-Vînt În Abis [acoustic version]
08. Plecăciunea Morţii [acoustic version]

Additional info
"Maiestrit" is a magical and passionate re-interpretation of "Maiastru Sfetnic" (2000). This record contains the last studio recordings of the classic Negură Bunget line-up of Hupogrammos, Sol Faur, and Negru.

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This album evokes a myriad of responses from me, ranging from shaking my head glumly wondering what might have been to being outright violently "Bitter SMASH!" angry.

If you've leaped forward and seen the final score I've given the album, you are probably wondering how that lines up with my introductory statement.

published 05.05.2010 | Comments (10)

Maiestrit is a re-worked version of 2000's Maiastru Sfetnic and is a stunning and majestic affair, particularly the two "acoustic" tracks. Sadly, the is the last release from the original core of the band before Huppogramos and Sol Faur moved on. Maiestrit is a wonderful, yet bittersweet, album that fans of epic-length should definitely check out.

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16.04.2010 - 10:24

Sounds 10 times better !
25.04.2010 - 11:39
Yes, This is quite a good album. The two acoustic tracks are very well done.
27.04.2010 - 21:17
Rating: 9
The Ancient One
I will probably have a review of this up in a week or two.
get the fuck off my lawn.

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27.04.2010 - 22:18
Valentin B
What i find weird about NB is that their songs, if translated into English, kinda lose their mystical value. they generally have a focus on archaic, "difficult" words, expression and spelling which i personally can't transpose into English with the same epic, archaic meaning.. for example the song titles on this album sound dull or plain stupid:

1. vremea locului sortit = the age of the foretold place
2. in-zvicnirea apusului = in the sunset's twitch
3. dash into the abyss
4. of the place (or of the land, depending on a literal translation or an aesthetic one)
5. pace (as in, a horse running really fast)
6. death's bow (as in, bowing before royalty)

dunno, they just sound much more awesome in Romanian

btw for a short trivia FYI, "maiestrit" means "mastered"(obviously, in an archaic version of the language), so you could say that this is, in the opinion of the guys at NB, an improved version of the first album.
17.05.2013 - 12:57

Ussualy re-recorded old albums sound bad, but this one sounds much better than the original version; and 8.2 is not a real value for the worth of this album. Check it out and you won't regret it.

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