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Sepultura - Dante XXI

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Release date: 17 March 2006
Style: Groove thrash metal, Alternative metal


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01. Lost (Intro)
02. Dark Wood Of Error
03. Convicted In Life
04. City Of Dis
05. False
06. Fighting On
07. Limbo (Intro)
08. Ostia
09. Buried Words
10. Nuclear Seven
11. Repeating The Horror
12. Eunoé (Intro)
13. Crown And Miter
14. Primium Mobile (Intro)
15. Still Flame

Additional info
Based on the epic poetic masterpiece "The Divine Comedy" written by Italian
author Dante Alighieri in the early 14th Century. The three main components of
"The Divine Comedy" are Dante's descriptions of Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.

Staff review by
Sepultura is a band I've always been fond of. I like all their albums with Max Cavalera (yes, even Chaos A.D. and Roots), I think Derrick Greene is one hell of a good singer, I think Against is an excellent hardcore album. Nation was disappointing but has a couple of good songs and I've not heard enough of Roorback to have an opinion. That leads me to say that I've always respected Sepultura. They've been courageous enough to sack their former icon frontman, to hire this unknown guy with a hardcore background and to keep going as if nothing ever happened. But above all I respect them for having evolved. A lot of bands, when they change their leader, get stuck in pathetic attempts to revive old memories and only manage to rip off themselves. They become a shadow of a band. Sepultura took the opposite direction. They turned to hardcore first then thrashcore and followed this path against all odds and despite attracting only contempt and sniggering from most metalheads. This is an attitude I highly respect.

published 28.02.2006 | Comments (21)

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15.06.2011 - 18:31

This album is veeeeery good
22.02.2018 - 05:48
Rating: 7
(o> . <o> )

If only people didn't have their heads up in their asses over Cavaleras like little children they could actually enjoy this album. Probably one of the best materials Seplutura has ever released in their whole life span.

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