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Coma - Excess

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Release date: 11 October 2010
Style: Rock


3 have it

01. Excess
02. Transfusion
03. Poisonous Plants
04. Confusion
05. T.B.T.R.
06. Struggle
07. Afternoons In The Colour Of Lemo
08. Witnesses Of The Decline Of The Eternal Boys Land
09. Silence And Fire
10. Eckhart
11. F.T.P.
12. F.T.M.O.

Staff review by
Doc G.
In the 90's there was a musical movement known as grunge. Like any other genre of music, it produced good and bad music. Then what followed as a result made you want to have your junior high school days stricken from the pages of history; post grunge. Yes, we got to experience all the glorious sounds of musical geniuses like Creed, Staind or Seether. What was it about this mix of 90's grunge combined with modern alternative metal elements that just didn't work? Who the fuck knows? and who the fuck cares? You're just glad you forgot about those bands until a few seconds ago (sorry).

published 27.10.2010 | Comments (4)

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