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Moonspell - Memorial

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Release date: 21 April 2006
Style: Black metal, Gothic black metal, Symphonic black metal, Folk metal, Gothic metal


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Disc I [CD]
01. In Memoriam
02. Finisterra
03. Memento Mori
04. Sons Of Earth
05. Blood Tells
06. Upon The Blood Of Men
07. At The Image Of Pain
08. Sanguine
09. Proliferation
10. Once It Was Ours!
11. Mare Nostrum
12. Luna
13. Best Forgotten
14. Atlantic [Special Luxury Digipak bonus]
15. Phantom North [Portuguese bonus]

Disc II [DVD]
01. Memento Mori [Live at CC estúdio 2]
02. Blood Tells [Live at CC estúdio 2]
03. Best Forgotten [Live at CC estúdio 2]
04. In Memoriam [Live at Vilar de Mouros Festival]
05. Finisterra [Live at Vilar de Mouros Festival]
06. Memento Mori [Live at Vilar de Mouros Festival]
07. Blood Tells [Live at Vilar de Mouros Festival]
08. Proliferation [Live at Vilar de Mouros Festival]
09. Upon The Blood of Men [Live at Vilar de Mouros Festival]
+ Finisterra [video]
+ Luna [video]
+ Making Of Finisterra [video]

The Best Gothic Metal Album Of 2006

Fernando Ribeiro - vocals
Pedro Paixão - keyboards, guitars
Ricardo Amorim - guitars
Miguel "Mike" Gaspar - drums
Aires Pereira - bass

Guest musicians
Jirí Valter - vocals
Birgit Zacher - vocals
Raimund Gitsels - violins
Waldemar Sorychta - bass

Staff review by
Dream Taster
The spell of the dark moon is back. Portugal's number one act returns with the anticipated "Memorial". An old fan of the band like me knows that Moonspell's motto is evolution. Thus, not two albums from them sound the same. Follow-up to 2005's "The Antidote" - which had taken a more direct approach to their music - this year's album definitely harbors the darker side of it, which will regroup fans of their darker period with enthusiasts of their more recent albums.

published 26.04.2006 | Comments (1)

Staff review by
One day your favourite band decides to change its music. They always get some new fans of course but in general the whiners win if you see what I mean and anyway I don't remember a lot combos that found an impressive success with their "new" musical orientation. Moonspell did that change too after two monumental albums, Wolfheart and Irreligious. With Sin/Pecado, the band did a radical turnover and it didn't convince me. However, they said lately that they wanted to do a real come back to their roots with their new album "Memorial". A lot of bands do that and you probably know that it is just words in general, so I was a bit doubtful. But I came the other day on their website and had the luck to listen to the sample of "Finisterra" and God it was right, at least for this song, Moonspell was back to their beginning and now that I have the album in my hand I can confirm that "Memorial" is a great album? welcome back Moonspell?

published 26.04.2006 | Comments (0)

Staff review by
The previous year at the live show of Moonspell I was there, in the front line, shouting from time to time "Tenebrarum Oratorium", someone laughed, but Moonspell had kept this song as final, I conceived this live interpretation of this great song as a birthday present because at that very day I was celebrating my 20th birthday and I gave it all during the song. I remember Fernando Ribeiro had introduced this song as a new one, I didn't get the meaning back then since it was a composition coming from their "Under The Moonspell" days, but from the very first moment "Memorial" started unleashing its nocturnal melodies the night sky became too clear, only the spell of the moon could be cast upon us and the perfume of memories from the past was alluring the atmosphere.

published 26.04.2006 | Comments (0)

Guest review by
Memorial starts off with the good ole' Moonspell feeling through an instrumental track In Memorial, but once the second track Finisterra kicks in, one can be amazed how brutal it sounds compared to their earlier work. I have heard people compare this album to Daemonarch's Hermeticum and I can see why. The album definitely has a more brutal approach and has quite a few resemblances to Wolfheart and Hermeticum, even bordering black metal at times.

published 30.05.2006 | Comments (6)

Guest review by
I can't help starting this review by stating how disappointing 2006 has been so far for me. I've been trying, I've been trying to find some really great new albums and bands but, I don't know, maybe I've just listened to so much Metal in my life that it just doesn't surprised me as much as it used to. That or maybe there really hasn't been released any truly impressive album since January.

published 27.08.2006 | Comments (12)

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Comments: 6   Visited by: 693 users
24.08.2011 - 22:09
Rating: 6

The first really mediocre album from them i've heard. Wolfheart was just perfect. The spirit was there, this one is bloody hollow.
06.02.2012 - 18:21
Rating: 8

5 reviews for one album which is good but it isn't that awesome and i think a one review will sum up the whole album.
18.09.2012 - 23:46
Rating: 6
Erik M.

Written by Cryzpin on 24.08.2011 at 22:09

The first really mediocre album from them i've heard. Wolfheart was just perfect. The spirit was there, this one is bloody hollow.

I definitely agree with you. I also don't like the style of this album at all. I can't stand the harsh grunts on some tracks, it just sounds stupid in my opinion.

Even The Butterfly Effect is better than this (I like the style of that album, but it's not great or anything). Lastly, I can hardly believe there are 5 reviews that all give amazing ratings.

That being said, Wolfheart is also my favourite, followed up by Sin/Pecado (The Hanged Man is one amazing track for example) and Irreligious.

Written by advent on 06.02.2012 at 18:21

5 reviews for one album which is good but it isn't that awesome and i think a one review will sum up the whole album.

I agree, 5 reviews for any album is just too much, especially for an album like this that isn't even considered to be that amazing.
09.08.2013 - 22:27
Rating: 10

This album really kicks asses, one of my favourite \m/
30.06.2014 - 22:25
Rating: 8
Nice album with some great songs and some not that good. my fav songs are: Finisterra, Upon the Blood of Men, Memento Mori and Luna!
Υou've sold your human essence to the cold world of dead and empty things... You're SOLD!
30.09.2019 - 16:01
Rating: 7

One of the most praised albums by Moonspell. I never understood why. It's simply not fresh at all and not that strong material. Starts pretty good but everything just melt together because there is no much variation. Jiří Valter from Root as guest musician? Great! But he is almost missing! So why he is even there? It's getting better in the last period and all is escalating well but still nothing specially outstanding. Sometimes this album sounds just like ordinary death metal with ordinary riffs.

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