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Stielas Storhett - Death Comes From The North [Split]

Release date: 13 May 2008
Style: Black metal


2 have it

01. Варвары - Рати Севера

02. Кольский Крест

Stielas Storhett
03. Taedium Vitae
04. Sic Itur Ad Astra...

05. Безбрежная Даль Льда И Холода

Additional info
Russian / English translations:
1.Варвары - Рати Севера / Barbarians - Hosts of the North
2.Кольский Крест / Kola Cross
5.Безбрежная Даль Льда И Холода / Endless Expanse of Ice and Coldness

Mor's track consists of the four parts:
a. Кольский Крест / Kola Cross 5:49
b. Воронья Мгла / Raven Dark 5:21
c. Ледяной Отец / Icy Father 3:21
d. Безрассвет / Sunless Dawn 4:16

Re-released in digipack version by Assault Records in April 2009.

Liholesie is Russian neofolk/ambient project.

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