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Slayer - Repentless

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Release date: 11 September 2015
Style: Thrash metal


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Disc I
01. Delusions Of Saviour
02. Repentless
03. Take Control
04. Vices
05. Cast The First Stone
06. When The Stillness Comes
07. Chasing Death
08. Implode
09. Piano Wire
10. Atrocity Vendor
11. You Against You
12. Pride In Prejudice

Disc II [deluxe bonus]
01. Live At Wacken 2014
02. Making Of 'Repentless' [documentary]

Kerry King - guitars
Paul Bostaph - drums
Tom Araya - bass, vocals

Session musicians
Gary Holt - guitars

Additional info
The Metal Eagle will include the following exclusive items:
  • Deluxe digipak (folds out into "inverted cross").
  • Bonus blu-ray and DVD including "Slayer live at Wacken 2014" and "Making of Repentless documentary".
  • Bonus live CD "Slayer live at Wacken 2014".
  • Fold-out poster.
  • Album sticker.
  • Numbered certificate.

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    Approximately four years ago, just two months after Jeff Hanneman's passing, on the 1st of July 2013, I went to watch Slayer play at a festival that also included appearances from Kvelertak, Rotting Christ, Napalm Death and Down. The thrash legends were the last band to play and halfway through their set, Phil Anselmo showed up on stage. It was his birthday (as well as mine), so they played "Happy Birthday" for him (and for me, haha). Then, being under the influence of something, Phil gave an incoherent speech full of tears and drama that concluded with the words: "Slayer don't need me, I need fucking Slayer". Now, two questions come to mind: a) do we actually need "fucking Slayer" today? and b) is there life after Jeff?

    published 06.05.2017 | Comments (9)

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    08.10.2015 - 22:23
    Rating: 8

    Written by Ace Frawley on 08.10.2015 at 13:24

    Written by Timelord on 08.10.2015 at 01:12

    With album sales a thing of the past. Bands are looking for two or three good songs maybe one being great so they can throw it into the live set and hit the summer festivals. I think mission accomplished with Repentless. Bands just don't tour all that much anymore due to record companies not wanting to put out the money it takes when they know it is a good chance they will end up in the red. There are just not enough places for bands that are footing their own bill to play anymore(referring to the US as it may be different abroad) Its all campsites and sailboats now. I miss the old musky clubs where 300 people jammed in there to see a death or thrash metal band every week. It costs a good penny to rent out a House of Blues type venue. I have seen Slayer 4 times in a HoB's and it is so much better than having to watch some bigass screens because the band is not visible due to the curvature of the earth. Now your lucky if you can even go to a festival without having to take out a Montel Williams money mutual loan and if in the US its Hair Metal shit out in a field in Oklahoma.

    Machine Head went away from playing festivals this touring cycle and have been playing smaller venues on their own.

    Thats because they have reached the point where they can and its a very good thing that they are. The majority of what I am trying to get across is when bands were on tour a shitload of opening slots for newer bands trying to get exposure were always available . it is not 100% extinct but the shows are becoming fewer and fewer in the US. That is how I became turned on to several bands that quickly became some of my favorites.

    I went to the Saenger Theatre in Pensacola,FL to see Anthrax on their 'Among the Living" tour. I had been told that the opening bands were to be The Cro-Mags and Metal Church. Very excited to see those bands as all three were included in my favorites. About 9 or 10 of us made the 3 hour drive to Pensacola only to find out the opening bands were some hair band called 'Everyone's Daughter" and another band with the name "Testament". We were all bummed out having never heard testament and had no interest in the hair band. Chuck Billy hit the stage and said "Are you ready for some musical death?" From that moment on I was a Testament fan.
    23.10.2015 - 18:08
    Rating: 5
    JC Steele
    This album just doesn't sound right, most of the time it's too slow and doesn't have the thrash feel to it, the aggression is limited to a couple of songs only. WPB is great if compared to this one...
    My vision is augmented
    A Call for New 'Revolutionaries'
    A Call for Parallel Institutions]Vw3tUXdLu2Y
    26.10.2015 - 12:18
    Rating: 6

    Not good, not bad... this type of music is not my type of music... too much similarity between songs, less creativity, weak melodies... though the instrumental introduction sounds good to me as soon as Tom opens his mouth I snarl "Here we go again"... its like I know all the vocal lines before he sings them and its like he is repeating singing them since 1983... well, a good album for Slayer fans I think though it is way below "Seasons in The Abyss"
    31.10.2015 - 17:53
    Rating: 5

    This pretty much met my expectations. Tough guy mid-tempo riffs with a hint of thrash. Pretty uninspired overall, but a few decent riffs and songs give me some enjoyment from probably my favorite band.
    12.02.2016 - 21:34
    Rating: 8
    Repenteless, take control and atrocity vendor (a world painted blood song) are the best songs imo.. all the other songs are from average to bad....
    Υou've sold your human essence to the cold world of dead and empty things... You're SOLD!
    04.07.2016 - 22:43
    Rating: 6

    Since 1996 with Undisputed Attitude, Slayer produced the same style of music. And this become somewhat boring. I thought with this last album things would change like more melodic and style. I have the CD but only listen to it once and now I don't even know where it is. I give it a solid 6
    17.10.2016 - 12:09
    Rating: 7
    Aries Rising

    Slayer really needs to get a new sound engineer, this album sounds so anemic. Slayer deserves thick guitar tones and fuller sounding drums.
    04.07.2021 - 02:00
    Rating: 6
    Troy Killjoy
    Written by Aries Rising on 17.10.2016 at 12:09

    Slayer really needs to get a new sound engineer, this album sounds so anemic. Slayer deserves thick guitar tones and fuller sounding drums.

    Now imagining what this would sound like with Jim Morris at the helm...
    "Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something."
    04.07.2021 - 11:04
    Rating: 7
    Aries Rising

    Written by Troy Killjoy on 04.07.2021 at 02:00

    Written by Aries Rising on 17.10.2016 at 12:09

    Slayer really needs to get a new sound engineer, this album sounds so anemic. Slayer deserves thick guitar tones and fuller sounding drums.

    Now imagining what this would sound like with Jim Morris at the helm...

    That would be amazing, full sounding without being overproduced.

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