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Paul Wardingham - The Human Affliction

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Release date: 14 July 2015
Style: Progressive math metal


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01. Manufactured Existence
02. Beyond Human
03. Synthetic Mind
04. The End Is The Beginning
05. Convergence
06. Digital Apocalypse [feat. Stéphan Forté]
07. Earth 2.0
08. Simulated Reality
09. Destroy The Artilect
10. Exodus
11. Burning Chrome [feat. Per Nilsson]

Paul Wardingham - all instruments

Guest musicians
Andy James - guitars
Per Nilsson - guitars
Stéphan Forté - guitars
Christian Münzner - guitars

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23.07.2015 - 19:06
Rating: 9

Being such a huge fan of his first album, I had high expectations for his second release, and I wasn't disappointed. It's unfortunate that his style is so accessible by folks who frequent this site, yet his following is so small. I guess it's an unfortunate consequence of his circumstances, where he writes, performs, produces and promotes all aspects of this album (minus the guest appearances, obviously). He doesn't have a label to handle marketing, which is fundamental to success. The fact alone that he takes the time to reply to fans on YouTube and Facebook shows the man is genuine and very appreciative of the support he gets. I've yet to post a comment of praise to him, and not get a response.

I implore anyone reading this: If you haven't heard of Paul Wardingham, or listened to either of his solo albums, take the time to go listen to one or two of his songs. Most of them are on YouTube by now. Here, even better, I'll link to a few to make it super easy. I promise this will not disappoint you. In fact, I'm confident that you'll like it enough to go and tell your friends about him. Feel free to pass along the links to them so they can do the same with their friends. Let's put Paul on the map. This guy deserves it!
26.07.2015 - 05:55
Au Pays Natal
You sound like his agent.
29.07.2015 - 21:31
Rating: 7

Written by tea[m]ster on 26.07.2015 at 05:55

You sound like his agent.

15.08.2015 - 19:09
Rating: 8

Paul Wardingham's debut 'Assimilate Regenerate' was a breathe of fresh air in a genre that can grow tired and repetitive very easily so I was eagerly looking forward to his next work and now we finally have it. 'The Human Affliction' is a 64 minute tour de force filled to the brim with complex harmonic structures, interesting modal choices, and a variety of stylistic influences combined with melodies catchy enough they'll have you singing along even on the first listen. The technical ability on display here is absolutely stunning. When you get to virtuosic levels like this the question is no longer 'can I' but 'should I.' It's like having an endless toolbox at your disposal to perform any task you could possibly want.
An absolute mammoth undertaking for one man and an incredible achievement.

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