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Vektor - Terminal Redux

8.7 | 599 votes |
Release date: 6 May 2016
Style: Technical thrash metal, Progressive thrash metal


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01. Charging The Void
02. Cygnus Terminal
03. LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease)
04. Mountains Above The Sun
05. Ultimate Artificer
06. Pteropticon
07. Psychotropia
08. Pillars Of Sand
09. Collapse
10. Recharging The Void

The Best Thrash Metal Album Of 2016
Top 20 albums of 2016: 3

David DiSanto - guitars, vocals
Erik Nelson - guitars
Blake Anderson - drums
Frank Chin - bass

Guest review by
The Massenger
I would love Vektor's thrash metal. Perhaps one of the reasons is the singing of David DiSanto, like the great Chuck Schuldiner's. But without considering this resemblance and the inspiration that Death's style had on Vektor, the adventure of these Arizona metalheads is interesting to me. From the first album, entitled Black Future, I was attracted to them; but five years doesn't seem like a bad time for the flying saucer known as Vektor to fly towards its third manifesto. If you think the main reason for the darkness of space is the non-reflectivity of light, it is necessary to travel to space with the octopus of Vektor; if you think the void needs to charge and recharge, it's necessary to listen to the tenth track. It seems Vektor traveled to space to see the astrological signs and the conclusion of our planet Earth, a conclusion, of course, of a void-world that made itself and charged up, but at last, there was no choice but to recharge/discharge it.

published 26.08.2016 | Comments (3)

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26.07.2016 - 14:38
Rating: 10
Written by Mattybu on 25.07.2016 at 19:18

-too many riffs, xzibit would say "hey my man I put riffs in your riffs" <-- funny
-voivod ripoff
-bad vocals, so weird and bad (too many riffs overtop vocals also)
-[vague negative criticism]
-musicians too passionate, too much talent/too many riffs

overall.. this album is pretty decent but way too many riffs and no zest or dynamic integers in the songs, 3.2/10

Too many awesome riffs yes,
27.07.2016 - 08:01

Written by Vikcen on 26.07.2016 at 14:38

Too many awesome riffs yes,

I'll have to wait until it comes in the mail to confirm that my dude

But I get the feeling you're probably right...
13.09.2016 - 01:19
Rating: 9
By far their more COMPLETE album. Negatives that it has less hits than the others and i'd like it to be... 63 instead of 73 minutes... 2-3 years ago i'd give it easilly a 10. I dont rate that high the albums nowadays so this is a very strong 9.... As for the "possitives" they are sooo many, the band is extremely mature, amazing riffs and solos, huge variety in songwriting, some great moments of "innovation"...

Psychotropia, Pillars of Sand, Charging the void, Recharging the void and LCD, all have astonishing parts....
Υou've sold your human essence to the cold world of dead and empty things... You're SOLD!
17.10.2016 - 11:49
Rating: 8
Aries Rising

Shouldn't the vocals classify this band as a technical death metal band more in line with Atheist than a thrash band?
17.10.2016 - 12:34
Rating: 8
Cynic Metalhead
Nasha Vich Paisa
Written by Aries Rising on 17.10.2016 at 11:49

Shouldn't the vocals classify this band as a technical death metal band more in line with Atheist than a thrash band?

When vocals have come into consideration in setting up a genre?!

Vektor is fully-fledged technical thrash metal band. Nothing more or nothing less than that.
15.12.2016 - 16:36
Rating: 8

This album is my first exposure to Vektor and I'm very impressed. Favorite track so far: Recharging the Void.
I also think it has a death metal-ish sound to it, which is a good thing... Most really good music won't classify in to a specific, limited genre.
16.12.2016 - 18:16
Rating: 10

This is my first Vektor album. And everything in it is impressive, from the vocals to the drums. I can listen to this album all day (especially while reading hard science fiction like Asimov).
27.12.2016 - 18:50
Rating: 10

After 6 months being on my playlist I just bought CD and hoodie. This is the best thrash album since Kreator's "Coma of Souls" (1990)
Metalhead since 1987
14.01.2017 - 21:11
Rating: 10

I think I like this album a little more than it deserves simply because it's such an exhausting listen that I don't replay it much. It's such a long and intense album, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but as a result it's not even close to being my most played album of the year (that goes to Winter's Gate). IMO this is probably the album that best shows how much metal has improved over the years, and definitely my favorite album of 2016.
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Written by Dr. Strawberry on 12.06.2016 at 19:43

Overwatcher, MS Xena, crumbled him in no time. MS needs you to kill the boredom in here.
08.02.2017 - 14:36
Account deleted
Written by Paź on 07.05.2016 at 13:16

Way too long for its own good. I couldn't even finish it all.

But did you enjoy what you heard? I would recommend their first album a million times over this
09.02.2017 - 02:12
ex-News Man
Written by Guest on 08.02.2017 at 14:36

But did you enjoy what you heard? I would recommend their first album a million times over this

It's a little better but still nothing special for me. I just don't like thrash metal in general.
17.08.2018 - 07:57
Rating: 10

Alright, It's in my top 20 now. I've seen some guys telling their songwriting is sucks on comments. Guys... just WTF?
23.08.2018 - 01:27
Rating: 10

Their best album imo.
26.07.2019 - 04:08
Rating: 10

Oh yeah this is incredible. I have no clue why I didn't listen to it sooner. I'm on a recent technical thrash kick and this will be spinning for many months to come.
30.05.2020 - 04:59
(o> . <o> )

Ok so I somehow missed this band (why?), only after 40 seconds into this album I concluded that I'm a huge fan (I'm dead serious).
17.12.2020 - 01:02
Rating: 9

New Vektor!

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09.06.2021 - 13:38
Rating: 9

After a lot of consideration, I would say this is my favourite Vektor album.

Ranking order as follows:
1. Terminal Redux - 9.4/10
2. Black Future - 9.3/10
3. Outer Isolation - 8.7/10

Hopefully the next album will be at least as good as Outer Isolation, if not better. Although I'm not holding my breath after the split EP this year...
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26.06.2021 - 21:38
Rating: 8

Very creative sci fi story, and extremely fast trash.
29.06.2021 - 18:30
Rating: 10

This album is a masterpiece not necessarily because of the guitar-work (which is undoubtedly awesome) but rather because of the superb storytelling. In the first track I didn't really understand what was going on - I was focused mainly on the fast riffs. But by the time I got to the second song, I knew I was in for a treat.
I won't spoil the story, but this album takes you on an epic journey through space, showing a man's rise to power while contemplating mortality and order in a chaotic universe.
There are amazing songs here: Recharging the Void, LCD, Pillars of Sand, Collapse.
But my favorite track is Cygnus Terminal, which strangely seems to be overlooked by others. I just absolutely love that part of the story: a crazed man returning home with a mission of revenge and his plan to "save" humanity:
"I have returned... with malice that can't be unlearned!"
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13.10.2021 - 12:57

Well, it took me 5 years but I really got into Charging The Void and think it's an absolutely wild track. Now, I need approximately 45 years to appreciate the rest of the album.
And the tears that we will weep today
Will all be washed away
By the tears that we will weep again tomorrow

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