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New Keepers Of The Water Towers - Infernal Machine

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Release date: 4 March 2016
Style: Doom metal, Stoner metal, Progressive rock


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01. The Forever War
02. Tracks Over Carcosa
03. Tachyon Deep
04. Misantropin Kallar
05. Escape Aleph Minor
06. Jorden
07. This Infernal Machine

Rasmus Booberg - vocals, guitars, bomgos, synthesizers
Adam Forsgren - mellotron, synthesizers
Victor Berg - guitars, lap steel guitar
Tor Sjödén - drums, percussion
Björn Andersson - bass, vocals

Additional musicians:
Marcus Arborelius - piano

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A modern shaman once firmly told us that psychedelics are not illegal because compassionate governments are concerned about you jumping out windows when you're too high, but rather because they open you up to questioning and the possibility that everything you've been told is wrong. But we all know that's a load of crap. It's really because no feds want mischief makers like New Keepers Of The Water Towers tripped out all day recording silly tributes to the Sun God when they could instead be active, productive members of the labor force. But I certainly don't mind it.

published 23.03.2016 | Comments (11)

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11.12.2015 - 12:06
Rating: 7

Cosmic Child was so good - if this one is similarly impressive I might delve into their back catalogue
10.03.2016 - 16:12
A bit of a change in sound, this one is way more psychedelically influenced and not quite as heavy and grounded in stoner metal as the last one was. Way more jam-oriented too, but I think it's a shift that actually works a lot better for the band. I'm really digging this shit
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11.04.2016 - 12:44
Rating: 7
M C Vice
Some of this reminds me of Hawkwind.
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11.04.2016 - 13:05
Doom Knight
I actually found this change of sound a little frustrating. The more psychedelic / jam-oriented moments actually made the album a little inconsistent IMO as there are some real great moments that instead of being built upon just kind of lose their focus & intensity as the songs develop. Having said this, I did approach this album with their fantastic previous album fresh in my mind so I'll probably need to revisit this with a fresh mindset. Despite my frustration with this album I do still consider it a solid release though, but I just didn't find this new musical direction quite as compelling as I'd hoped.
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