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Tchornobog - Tchornobog

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Release date: 21 July 2017
Style: Black metal, Death metal, Doom metal


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01. I: The Vomiting Tchornobog (Slithering Gods Of Cognitive Dissonance)
02. II: Hallucinatory Black Breath Of Possession (Mountain-Eye Amalgamation)
03. III: Non-Existence's Warmth (Infinite Natality Psychosis)
04. IIII: Here, At The Disposition Of Time (Inverting A Solar Giant)

Clandestine Cut Of The Year 2017

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Cover art by Adam Burke (Nightjar Illustration)

Additional vocals by Greg Chandler, Saxophone on "Non-Existence's Warmth" - Sofia Hedman, Trumpet & cello - Hannar Gretarson

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Studio Emissary by Stephen Lockhart in Reykjavik, Iceland, 2015.

One word: album of the year.

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08.08.2017 - 11:24
Rating: 9
ex-News Man
I want it so bad! Preferably on vinyl.
07.09.2017 - 12:29
Nihil's Maw
Hey, didn't realize this got added to Metalstorm! I really need to buy this album soon--it's too good to not own.

EDIT: so I got this, and the two booklets that come with the CD are pretty rad--they help explain the whole concept of the album, and it turns out this thing is probably crazier than you'd already think by the music alone.
19.10.2017 - 01:03
Nihil's Maw
Written by Paź on 08.08.2017 at 11:24

I want it so bad! Preferably on vinyl.

Pre-orders for vinyl are going up now
16.11.2017 - 01:04

A second album is already recorded. This Markov Soroka seem to have a mental salad.... fitting for the author behind the monstrous TCHORNOBOG.
24.11.2017 - 21:23
Rating: 9

That's one of the coolest interviews I've ever read. Seriously psycho guy. Awesome music though!
12.02.2019 - 06:54
Rating: 9
Lord Slothrop

Revisiting it again. I really love this album, especially the third song. Can't wait to see what else comes out of this man's mind.
22.03.2019 - 01:07

Still jolly good. Not quite a modern classic I don't think, but good enough to come back to from time to time just to sink into. Really dig 'Hallucinatory Black Breath of Possession' but the whole record is worth sticking with till the end. Counter to the other comments, the third track is probably my least favourite though.
10.09.2019 - 02:44
Tyrannical Hero
Super Normal
Bahhh I should have listened to this album sooner. One of the best albums from this decade definitely.
Crackhead Megadeth reigns supreme.
15.07.2021 - 14:43
Rating: 7

The third track really saved this album for me.
Ride a horse that's cleaving through the air and space of dreams.
16.07.2021 - 00:19
Rating: 8

Written by Mehrad on 15.07.2021 at 14:43

The third track really saved this album for me.

Haven't listened to this since it came out, but I do remember track 3 really stnading out on it

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