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Swans - The Seer

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Release date: 28 August 2012
Style: Post-rock


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Disc I
01. Lunacy [feat Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker]
02. Mother Of The World
03. The Wolf
04. The Seer
05. The Seer Returns [feat Jarboe]
06. 93 Ave. B Blues
07. The Daughter Brings The Water

Disc II
01. Song For A Warrior [feat Karen O]
02. Avatar
03. A Piece of the Sky [feat Jarboe and Akron/Family]
04. The Apostate

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18.09.2017 - 22:17
China was a neat
You got to be fucking Kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ending of this album is truly apocalyptic. Also the build ups here can match up with the most extreme of those of doom/drone metal lengthwise.
09.07.2018 - 11:18
tiny dog ghosts

Such a fucking crushing album, a peak at like 20+ years into a career. Amazing
11.07.2019 - 19:28
Rating: 9

Atmospheric and dark as hell. More of an ambient journey than a rock one - the definition of post-rock I guess.
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20.10.2020 - 02:19
Your chiiiildhooooood
Is overrrrrrr
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24.05.2022 - 11:47
Rating: 10

I see it all I see it all
24.05.2022 - 15:53

Written by Jack_Torrance on 24.05.2022 at 11:47

I see it all I see it all

There's a lot of the more recent Swans albums I still haven't checked out but their old 80's/early 90's stuff is practically perfect for me.
24.05.2022 - 16:18
Rating: 10
Metal Rambo

Swans is like Moonsorrow of post-rock, I don't think I've ever heard anyone saying anything bad about their albums. And rightfully so.
You've got a lot of guts. Let's see what they look like!
22.06.2022 - 20:09
A Real Monkey

Absolute fucking colossus.
"Change the world. My final message. Goodbye."

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