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Dark The Suns - Sleepwalking In A Nightmare

7.4 | 49 votes |
Release date: 24 November 2010
Style: Gothic metal


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01. Insomnia
02. Devoid Of The Sun
03. Wounded By Broken Dreams
04. World Stood Still
05. Don't Fear The Sleep
06. Last Farewell
07. Walking With An Angel
08. Into The Blind World
09. Lake Of A Thousand Tears
10. Requiem For A Dream

Additional info
Mikko Ojala - Guitar, Vocals
Inka Tuomaala - Bass, Synths
Eliisa Tuomanen - Backing Vocals
Pekka Rinne - Drums

Guest review by
The latest album of Dark The Suns takes a not so sharp, but evident, turn from its predecessors. I suppose that the line-up changes and a different approach lead to the band evolving and exploring some new areas, so here before us is Sleepwalking in a Nightmare, an album which isn't really memorable but overall gives a nice little listen.

published 27.07.2011 | Comments (6)

Some melancholic dark metal to get you into the season's spirit...

(Definitely not their best release though.)

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04.12.2010 - 18:11

This must be a great album .. haven't tried yet .. can't wait to have it in my hands
14.12.2010 - 03:15

Surprisingly bad rating so far. I have only heard parts but it seems to be pretty good.
14.12.2010 - 11:31
Wandering Midget
Written by Wes on 14.12.2010 at 03:15

Surprisingly bad rating so far. I have only heard parts but it seems to be pretty good.

I'm not exactly surprised by that rating. Eliisa's vocals are drowned in the mix both live and in the studio. Overall the songs sounded very samey when I saw them last weekend, but then again I'm not very familiar with their work...
04.01.2011 - 05:29
Black Sun

Listened to this album 2 times so far, and here's what i thought:

1st time:
Dammit, they went in completely opposite direction that i wished they would. And this totally sucks. Meh, if only they were making stuff like that on their first album... totally disappointed.

2nd time:
Oh well, i used to like these guys in the past, so lets give 'em another try.
Hummmph. This stuff is really not as bad as i thought it was.
Hummmph. Hell yeah! A great album actually, wtf was i thinking back then!?
07.01.2011 - 23:38
Rating: 8

I think this album is underrated. 8 will be fair.
01.02.2011 - 03:48
Rating: 8
Ag Fox
Angel No More
Lake Of A Thousand Tears is a fantastic song imo
loves 小巫
23.02.2011 - 17:59

As good as the previous releases
28.10.2016 - 00:52
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
What is bands status now? some says active since 2015, some no
anyway nice album somehow this band works to me, made for N Swedish autumn/winter
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