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Country: Italy
Label: Unsigned
Links: Bandcamp

Formed in: 2015

2015- Ambient black metal
2015- Dark Ambient
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2015-  Staurophagus - all instruments, vocals
2017-  Rolf Zwilling - synthesizers, samplers
2019  Katsunosuke Tanaka - guitars
› 2020  -//- synthesizers
2020  калуђер - guitars, synthesizers
2020  Kacjaryna "Ina" Sasnovič - violins
2021  Renato Falleni - programming
2017  Renato Falleni - guitars

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A badass concept that lends scope, mood, heft, and a story to droning riffs, hypnotic tremolos, pulsating noise, and moody synthscapes scratching that Locrian itch. Spaceforming is cinematic and vibrant yet thoroughly nihilistic, and recommended if you fancy atmospheric music with a sharp bite.   Review by Netzach ››

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