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1989-  Andy Cairns - vocals, guitars
1989-  Michael McKeegan - bass
2002-  Neil Cooper - drums
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1989-1996  Faye Ewig - drums
1996-2001  Graham Hopkins - drums
1996-2004  Martin McCarrick - cello, guitars
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2002  Keith Baxter - drums
1994  Page Hamilton - guitars


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Jumping into a band's discography for album number 16 as an outsider might be a bit of a challenge. Especially when you feel like you don't quite get it. Therapy? Therapy!
Review by RaduP ››
Therapy? is a band with two faces. On the one hand, we have the experimental, non-conformist Therapy? that is willing to go into all kinds of crazy, unusual territory, as evidenced by monuments to quirkiness such as Nurse, Suicide Pact - You First and Crooked Timber. On the other, we have the Therapy? that is constantly trying to recapture the glory of their greatest hit Troublegum with relatively polite and formulaic albums such as Shameless, Never Apologise Never Explain or One Cure Fits All. Alas, in 2015, with Disquiet we find ourselves staring straight at that second face.
Review by jupitreas ››
From the Northern Irish madmen Therapy? comes Crooked Timber, an album that is bound to turn some heads this year. Those primarily familiar with the band's more mainstream-friendly releases such as Troublegum and Infernal Love will be in for a bit...
Review by jupitreas ››
The more I listen to Therapy?'s new album One Cure Fits All, the more I am convinced that this is Troublegum part 2 - a nearly flawless alternative metal album that is as good at being interesting and unique as it is at being melodic and catchy.
Review by jupitreas ››
Never Apologise Never Explain is Therapy?'s best album since Infernal Love and quite possibly the best alternative metal release of this year. Considering the fact that Therapy? have never actually released anything remotely bad, you can expect to...
Review by jupitreas ››

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