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Sacred Outcry

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Country: Greece
Label: No Remorse Records

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Formed in: 1998
Broke-up: 2004-2015

1998-Heavy metal
1998-Power metal
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1998-  George Apalodimas - bass
1998-  Dimitris Perros - guitars
2021-  Daniel Heiman - vocals
2022-  Defkalion Dimos - drums
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1998-2000  Akis Mpaklavas - drums
1999-2004  Vagelis Spanakis - vocals
2000-2021  Stelios Darakis - drums
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2020  Yannis Papadopoulos - vocals
2020  Giannis Skalkotos - keyboards
2020  Vagelis Spanakis - guitars
2020-2023  Steve Lado - guitars
2023  Jeff Black - 12-string guitars
2023  Yorgos Karagiannis - acoustic guitars

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If epic-themed, speedy power metal is your sort of thing, then strap up and hold on tight, because Towers Of Gold will have you break-necking your way into the deepest realms of fantasy.
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
Sacred Outcry formed in 1998 and they went into the studio in 2001 to record their debut full length Damned For All Time. Two years later the band came to a halt with only a rough mix left behind. I don't know what happened to Sacred Outcry during all these years but the album has finally been recorded and it is now here for everyone to embrace it. Epic power metal worshipers of the world unite and raise your fists in the air because this one is for you.
Review by nikarg ››

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