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The Black Dahlia Murder


2001-2022  Brian Eschbach - guitars
› 2022-  -//- vocals
2008-2016  Ryan Knight - guitars
› 2022-  -//-
2012-  Alan Cassidy - drums
2012-  Maxwell Lavelle - bass
2016-  Brandon Ellis - guitars
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2001  Mike Schepman - bass
2001-2002  Sean Gauvreau - bass
2001-2002  John Deering - guitars
2001-2004  Cory Grady - drums
2001-2022  Trevor Scott Strnad - vocals
2002-2005  David Lock - bass
2002-2008  John Kempainen - guitars
2005  Zach Gibson - drums
2005-2012  Ryan "Bart" Williams - bass
2007-2012  Shannon Lucas - drums
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2005  Tony Laureano - drums
2006  Kevin Talley - drums
2006  Pierre Langlois - drums
2016  Brandon Ellis - guitars
2017  Matthew Paulazzo - drums
2009  Jason Suecof - guitars
2011  Jeff Walker - vocals
2013  Mike McKenzie - narration
2015  Mitch McGugan - violin

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Just like the Pied Piper, leading rats through the streets.
Review by omne metallum ››
TBDM's discog seems to have its share of missteps?Ritual is pretty boring, and despite the excellent "Christ Deformed," Deflorate is too plasticky (forget my guest review of it)?but when these guys play they play hard, and, despite all...
Review by wormdrink414 ››
Deathcore Hybrid metalcore + melodic death metal - now there's a title that has a really negative stigma surrounding it amongst a large portion of the more discerning metal crowd. Now, normally, I'm against discarding an entire genre, but rather take my sweet time shitting on bands individually. However, considering The Black Dahlia Murder's strangle-hold on being probably the most popular band in the genre, I'm beginning to understand why people are afraid to approach deathcore metalcore + melodic death metal hybrids.
Review by Doc G. ››
Friend: Hey man there's a band on MTV right now, it sounds very good check it
Herzebeth: uhm?they look like good charlotte or something
Friend: No dude, check the song, man it sounds so like At The Gates
Herzebeth: well no it doesn't, but actually...
Review by Herzebeth ››

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