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Death Angel


1982-  Mark Osegueda - vocals
1982-  Rob Cavestany - guitars, vocals
2001-  Ted Aguilar - guitars
2009-  Will Carroll - drums
2009-  Damien Sisson - bass
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1982-1991  Gus Pepa - guitars
1982-2008  Dennis Pepa - bass, vocals
1982-2009  Andy Galeon - drums
2009  Sammy Diosdado - bass
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2008  Scott Ian - vocals
2008  Brian Edmund Posehn - vocals
2016  Andreas Kisser - guitar solo


Latest reviews

Death Angel belong in a very small and elite list of thrash bands that never fell flat on their face. I mean, how many times have you really been disappointed by them?   Review by nikarg ››
Too many people out there treat Death Angel as a "really good" thrash band; not enough regard this legend as a truly great thrash band. These guys must have a serious geis on releasing subpar albums.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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