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October Tide

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Country: Sweden
Label: Agonia Records

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Formed in: 1995
Broke up: 1999-2009

1995-Death doom metal
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1995-1999  Fredrik Norrman - bass, guitars
› 2009-  -//- guitars
2012-  Alexander Högbom - vocals
2012-2016  Mattias Norrman - bass
› 2016-  -//- guitars
2016-  Johan Jönsegård - bass
2016-  Jonas Sköld - drums
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1995-1999  Jonas Renkse - drums, guitars, vocals
1999  Mårten Hansen - vocals
2009-2012  Tobias Netzell - vocals
2009-2015  Robin Bergh - drums
2009-2016  Emil Alstermark - guitars
2010-2012  Pierre Stam - bass
2015-2016  Jocke Wallgren [ MS user ] - drums
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2009-2010  Jonas Kjellgren - bass
2010  Johan Jansson - bass
2014  Jocke Wallgren [ MS user ] - drums
2019  Alexander Backlund - vocals
2019  Per Eriksson - guitars

Latest reviews

Fredrik Norrman's pet project is back again with another solid effort. Did October Tide finally release an album worthy of comparison to Rain Without End?
Review by Troy Killjoy ››
Under the moniker October Tide, Fredrik Norman and Jonas Renkse released two iconic albums in the mid-1990s. Both had a dark connotation and created a parallel musical path from their main band Katatonia. While the latter band and Renkse have moved on,...
Review by Dream Taster ››
Light is a lost hope and all encompassing darkness is an expectation from the music of bands such as Swallow The Sun and Daylight Dies. As you might guess from the title much the same can be said of October Tide with their latest album, Tunnel Of No Light, which is of a similar bleak temperament. Their second release since resurfacing with A Thin Shell in 2010, they continue in the tradition of soul leeching melodic death/doom harkening to roots which are well fed off the sound of an early Katatonia.
Review by R'Vannith ››

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