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Trail Of Tears


1996-  Ronny Thorsen - vocals
1997-2006  Jonathan Alejandro Perez - drums
› 2020-  -//-
1997-2006  Runar Hansen - guitars
› 2020-  -//-
2007-  Endre Moe - bass
2020-  Ailyn - vocals
2020-  Nicolay Johnsen - guitars
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1996-2005  Terje Heiseldal - guitars
1996-2006  Frank Roald Hagen - keyboards
1996-2006  Kjell Rune Hagen - bass
1997  Michael S. Krumins - guitars
1997-2000  Helena Iren Michaelsen - soprano
2000-2003  Cathrine Paulsen - vocals
› 2007-2013  -//-
2004-2006  Kjetil Nordhus - vocals
2007-2010  Pål Olsen - guitars
2007-2012  Cato Jensen - drums
2007-2013  Bjørn Erik Næss - guitars
2012-2013  Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow - drums
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2000-2003  Kjetil Nordhus - clean vocals
2007  Emmanuelle Zoldan - vocals
2007  Bernt Moen - keyboards
2009  Audun Grønnestad - keyboards, orchestration, samples
› 2013  -//- keyboards, orchestration

Latest reviews

I was surprised by the last Trail Of Tears album more than I could hope for. After all, when I say the last, I mean the last. Supposedly there's not going to be another one after Oscillation. Rarely have problems within a band and a subsequent break-up had much to offer in terms of musical satisfaction. Oftentimes, it's a rather painful time spent on the porcelain throne as opposed to baking a delicious cake in the oven. Given the perspective, Oscillation was indeed a pleasant surprise.
Review by Ivor ››
After the appearance of Theatre Of Tragedy and the impact they had in the atmospheric metal scene, generally speaking, taking into consideration the amount of bands they influenced with the marriage of grunting male vocals and ethereal female ones, two...
Review by KwonVerge ››
Trail Of Tears come back with their fourth full-length album and the first one without a female vocalist in their ranks. How will this affect the music? The album is more aggressive? They use electronic elements? Who is in charge of the vocal department...
Review by Undercraft ››

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