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Virgin Steele


1981-  David DeFeis - bass, keyboards, vocals
1984-  Edward Pursino - guitars
2001-  Joshua "The Sorceror" Block - bass, guitars
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1981  Kelly Nickels - bass
1981-1984  Jack Starr - guitars
1981-1992  Joe O'Reilly - bass
1981-1995  Joey Ayvazian - drums
1992  Teddy Cook - bass
1993-2000  Rob DeMartino - bass
1995-2015  Frank Gilchriest - drums
2000  Jeff Beavers - bass
2016-NA  Matthew "Matt" McKasty - drums
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Latest reviews

Containing 14 tracks and clocking in at almost 80 minutes, Nocturnes Of Hellfire & Damnation certainly has a lot of material to digest. The band has managed to create an album that should offer something to please fans of their earlier work, as well as fans of the more recent darkened sounds.
Review by Belegûr ››
If you ever wondered what a Power Metal band such as Virgin Steele would sound like trying to mystify and/or darken their sound, you will enjoy The Black Light Bacchanalia. The latest oeuvre from the New York legends takes several spins to sink in, which...
Review by Dream Taster ››
Virgin Steele is one of the most underrated bands out there. Their unique blend of Melodic Heavy Metal filled and classical influences - trademarked by a wide use of piano lines and the amazing voice of David DeFeis - has so far gathered only a handful...
Review by Dream Taster ››
Sharpen your sword it is time for some classic Heavy Metal. In Virgin Steele discography, Invictus remains my favorite release. Don't expect something brutal, those guys are the masters of refined Heavy Metal influenced by classical music.

Review by Dream Taster ››
Welcome to part 2 of the Marriage Saga! This Saga, which consists of 'The Marriage of Heaven and Hell parts 1 and 2' and 'Invictus', centers on Endyamon and Emalaith and their story of love that never dies. In my opinion, Virgin Steele...
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