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Fields Of The Nephilim

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Also known as Nephilim, Nefilim

Country: United Kingdom
Label: Transcend Records

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Formed in: 1984

1984-1991 Gothic rock
1992- Gothic metal
1992-1997 Death metal


1984-  Carl McCoy - vocals
1984-1991  Tony Pettitt - bass
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2007-  Gavin King - guitars
2007-  Lee Newell - drums
2012-  Andy James - guitars
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1984-1987  Gary Wisker - saxophone
1984-1991  Paul Wright - guitars
1984-1991  Nod Wright - drums
1987-1991  Peter Yates - guitars
1990-1991  Jon Karin - keyboards
1991-1998  Cian Houchin - bass
1991-1998  Simon Rippin - drums
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1996  Paul Miles - guitars

Latest reviews

It would seem that by now, 9 years after the last official release of new music from the Nephilim camp, the fans' expectations and the general disbelief in the prompt emergence of anything from Carl McCoy would be associated with hype so enormous...   Review by jupitreas ››
After leaving the Fields Of The Nephilim (but while holding the rights to the name), the band's vocalist and main composer, Carl McCoy went into hibernation for a good 5 years. Its a shame as were he to make a follow up to 1991's excellent,...   Review by jupitreas ››

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