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Primal Fear

444 fans
Country: Germany
Label: Atomic Fire Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 1997
Hiatus: 2021-2023

1998-Power metal


1997-  Ralf Scheepers - vocals
1997-  Mat Sinner - bass
1997-1999  Tom Naumann - guitars
› 2002-2007  -//-
› 2015-  -//-
2008-  Magnus Karlsson - guitars
2010-  Alex Beyrodt - guitars
2019-  Michael Ehré - drums
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1997-2003  Klaus Sperling - drums
1998-2008  Stefan Leibing - guitars
1999-2002  Hendrik "Henny" Wolter - guitars
› 2007-2010  -//-
2003-2014  Randy Black - drums
2014-2015  Aquiles Priester - drums
2015-2019  Francesco Jovino - drums
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2005  Matthias Ulmer - keyboards, strings
1999  Alex Beyrodt - guitars
› 2009  -//-
2009-2010  Pamela Moore - vocals
2012-2013  Constantine - guitars
2014-2015  Tom Naumann - guitars
1998  Kai Hansen - guitars
› 2007  -//-
2001  Tom Naumann - guitars
2002  Metal Mike Chlasciak - guitars
2007  Magnus Karlsson - guitars
2007  Simone Simons - vocals
2009  Dennis Ward - backing vocals
2012  Erik Mårtensson - backing vocals
2014  Liv Kristine - backing vocals
2021  Tarja Turunen - vocals


Latest reviews

Back during Primal Fear's very first U.S. tour, someone gave the band the nickname 'German Metal Commando'. According to mastermind, bassist, and producer Mat Sinner, this is why the title of their latest album, Metal Commando, was chosen. Yes, it is not the most ingenious title, and the same goes for their lyrics. But does anyone really listen to Primal Fear to get into a pensive mood?
Review by nikarg ››
And there I thought Primal Fear couldn't top themselves after their 2014 release Delivering The Black; boy was I wrong. But were 'rules broken' with their newest effort? And do they really have to be? What's wrong with what Primal Fear produced all those years? Nothing - absolutely nothing!
Review by D.T. Metal ››
Primal Fear, around since 1997, and with the release of Delivering The Black they are about to drop their tenth studio album onto mankind. This begs the question whether the world really needs another Primal Fear album? The answer is sweet and simple; YES!
Review by D.T. Metal ››
Primal Fear have often been accused of sounding too much like the metal gods Judas Priest, but "Seven Seals" and now the latest effort from these German heavy metal heavyweights, "New Religion" are beginning to slowly push these remarks...
Review by Baz Anderson ››
Primal Fear is back with the fifth studio album of their ascending career, and this time they going to prove the Metal community that they're more than a Judas Priest clone. Why the name Judas Priest keeps appearing everytime anyone mentions Primal...
Review by Undercraft ››

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