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A Hill To Die Upon

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2004-  R. Michael Cook - drums, vocals
2004-2019  Adam Cook - guitars, vocals
› 2019-  -//- bass, guitars, vocals
2012-  Nolan Osmond - guitars
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2006-2009  Steve Southard - vocals
2008  Drew Webster - guitars
2009-2011  Elisha Mullins - bass, guitars
2012-2013  Josh Christianson - bass
2014-2016  Josiah Timothy Boyd - bass
2016-2017  Tanner Jones - guitars, vocals
2016-2019  Brent Dossett - bass, vocals
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2009-2010  Ravn "Jokull" Furfjod - bass, backing vocals
2011  Andreas Larsen (II) - bass
2011  Ryan Lamb - bass
2012-2014  Levi Rauff - bass
2014  Josh Christianson - bass
2014-2016  Mike Pingel - guitars
2014  Timbre - harp, vocals
2014  Jacob Allaman - piano
2014  Beckie Frey - vocals
2017  Christopher Edward Brown - cello
2017  Mark Kloeppel - vocals
2023  Sakis Tolis - vocals

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This is a band who still know how to make their metal without resorting to keyboard overload. This is melodic, it's death in substance, it's black in presentation and it's A Hill To Die Upon's third successful studio effort, a combination of melodic extremes.
Review by R'Vannith ››
There are various categories of bands that strive to spread their work and the ways to do so are quite enough as well. Either they choose the tough path of experimentation or tend to follow soundscapes some others paved successfully in the past and rely...
Review by KwonVerge ››

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