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Liv Kristine


1998-  Liv Kristine - vocals
2003-  Alexander Krull - keyboards, samples, programming
2003-  Thorsten Bauer - guitars, saz, mandolin, sitar, oud, piano,
2012-  Alessandro Pantò - piano
2012-  Felix Born - drums
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1999  Gunther Illi - acoustic, electric guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, piano, bass, drums, pe
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2006  Jana Kallenberg - violin
2006  Florian Tekale - piano
2006  Katharina Kleiner - flute
2006  Moritz Neuner - drums
2006  Dimitrios Argyropolous - bouzouki, tzoura
2006  Jean Paul - accordion
2006  Timon Birkhofer - cello, piano, bass, backing vocals
1998  Stefan Müller-Ruppert - vocals
1998  Nick Holmes - vocals
2010  Christoph Kutzer - cello
2012  Tobias Regner - vocals
2014  Doro Pesch - vocals
2014  Michelle Darkness - vocals

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A Liv Kristine album that doesn't suck outright. The way things have been degrading year after year, an album after an album, there has been, frankly, little to no expectations on my part regarding the release of Liv's recent works, be it her solo or with Leaves' Eyes. Given that, all that Vervain had to be to impress me, was to be a notch above decent to make its mark. Thus, for the past weeks I've been trying to figure out if it amounts to anything more than that.
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