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The Great Old Ones


2009-  Benjamin Guerry - guitars, vocals
2016-  Aurélien Edouard - guitars
2018-  Benoit Claus - bass
2018-  Alexandre "Gart" Rouleau - guitars
2021-  Julian Deana - drums
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2009-2016  Xavier Godart - guitars
2009-2016  Sébastien Lalanne - bass
2009-2018  Jeff Grimal - guitars, vocals
2009-2021  Léo Isnard - drums
2016-2018  Jérôme Charbonnier - bass
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Raise those tentacles high and sing to the Outer Gods. The hottest Lovecraft nerds in the French metal scene are back in town.
Review by Auntie Sahar ››
Bands that choose to take literary works as the thematic inspiration behind their music can tend be pretty hit or miss. It's an interesting idea, this fusion of artistic mediums, but it's not always executed in a way that makes the music feel relevant to the writing. Fortunately, BM Frenchies The Great Old Ones are proving this year that they know very well how to do just that, and they're doing H.P. Lovecraft proud yet again.
Review by Auntie Sahar ››

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