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Jess And The Ancient Ones

Also known as JATAO

Country: Finland
Label: Svart Records

Links: Bandcamp

Formed in: 2010

2010- Psychedelic rock
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2010-  Thomas Corpse - guitars
2010-  Jess - vocals
2010-  Fast Jake - bass
2010-  Abraham (II) - keyboards
2010-  Yussuf - drums, percussion
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2010-2015  Von Stroh - guitars
2010-2016  Thomas Fiend - guitars, backing vocals
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I don't mind retro pastiche that much, but I really enjoy it when artists can nail rehashing an old sound but doing it in a pretty unique way. It's hard to think of anyone doing this 70s melting pot better than Jess And The Ancient Ones.   Review by RaduP ››

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