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Project Pain


2011-  Bauke Goudbeek - vocals
2011-  Guido den Hoed - guitars
2020-  Maurice Sas - bass
2020-  John den Buitelaar - drums
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NA  Wim Epskamp - guitars
2011  Marco van der Velden - guitars
2011-2012  Remco Spruit - bass
2011-2012  Mark Staffhorst - guitars
2011-2012  Pelle Groot - drums
2011-2013  Roland van der Kruk - drums
2012  Vincent Wassink - bass
2012-2013  Diederik Hauksson - guitars
2012-2013  Maurice Moeliker - guitars
2012-2014  Stephan Sewsingh - bass
2013-2014  Sander Kroonsberg - drums
2013-2016  Niels van Lier - guitars
2015-2019  Frank Ruisch - drums
2015-2019  Kristof Mycka - bass
2020  SEbG - guitars
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2015  Josh Christian - guitar solo
2020  Larry Barragán - guitars

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Project Pain are back with another slab of their brand of 'meat and potatoes' thrash. Or, given they hail from the Netherlands, perhaps 'herring and gouda' thrash is more appropriate. Faster Disaster might be faster but is no disaster.
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Many moons ago some dumbass when writing about thrash laid down the following law:

"?as that horns-tossing metal dude Shakespeare once quoth, "Brevity is the soul of Thrash"... there is a reason the genre's best (Reign In Blood, Bonded...
Review by BitterCOld ››

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